The Fundamental Laws of the Universe. Part 1


Why is life so challenging? Why can’t I attract my desires?

These are the burning questions we ask frequently. For some, these questions are more frequent than the number of time they have to breathe. Questions like these are even more frequent in the mind of those who understand the law of attraction. Seeing that it works only occasionally, while for some it never happens, and they are left devastated.

The truth is, yes we can attract our desires, but we can only do this by aligning our innerlife to certain laws. These laws are irrefutable and if one can only take the pain to understand these laws, you will find that it governs everything.

So, what are these laws, what makes them so valuable?
These laws not only are valuable but they certainly hold the key to understanding life. These laws are;

·         The Law of Vibration
·         The GOLDEN RULE.
·         The Law of Opposites
·         The Law of Balance and Poise

·         The Law of Cyclicity and Rhythm.

The first being the law of vibration, is the primal law for through it everything that ever exited vibrated to life. From the universe, to mankind, everything vibrates with energy and this energy is found an intelligence.

   This energy has a swirling motion in the way it moves, and when it vibrates, it vibrates in harmony.Therefore, to align yourself with this law, you must first find that inner harmony within you. This is done by living a conscious inner life. Every quietude and calmness, and positivity creates an inner harmony which aligns with that of the universe. When this happens, then the inner life is one with the universe.  This is how you attract your desires, this is how the universe always responds to your cries and requests.
This law gives birth to several principles which includes the principle of oneness, the principle of correspondence, the principle of attraction, the principle of cause and effect, and the principle of karma.
The Golden Rule; or the Royal law as it is called is the second of these laws, but it is the
most important and valuable of them all. Why is that you ask? These law is the reason any vibration or swirling energy started in the first place, this law is the sole purpose of all vibration. When one fulfills this law, it is said that he has fulfilled all other laws for this law is the law of laws. This Royal law is love. When you master this law, all laws will submit to you, then your will and the universal will becomes one.
This is what we must do if we are to answer these questions; Why is lie so challenging? Why can’t I attract my desires?
“We must learn to will the will of the universe.”

I hope that you have found some insight in what you have read, I have a feeling you have. When the universal truth reveals itself in our mind, it is like a soft whisper to our inner being.

Excerpt from the Blueprint in the great light by Sebastian Enukorah

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