“2 types of PASSION”

There is an earthly passion and there is a more refined passion which soars higher into the universal realm. Which one of the two overwhelms you? If one was to employ the skillful art of alchemy, you will find that, one of them is subtle while the other is coarse, one ascends while the other descends.

While it is true that a man cannot live without passion, what is important is that we learn how to create a balance between the two types of passion. “Why balance?” you may ask.

Let us recall the law of balance and poise in my post on the fundamental laws of the universe. The universe vibrates in harmony, the planets revolve round the sun in harmony because they are all well poised in their respective sphere. If there is a balance in anything then there is harmony as well. If there is imbalance then there is chaos. This is the emphasizes of this law.

Remember the popular axiom?” as above so below…

Man is therefore not an exception to these universal laws. For the law of opposites, which is another fundamental law of the universe, sways him to one end of the pole of these two passions.

Majority of the time, man is swayed towards the negative end of the pole which is the earthly passion, because he has become a slave to it. For the earthly passion which is coarse and always descending pulls man down along with it, that is, if the man remains engrossed in it. But the refined passion, subtle in its nature and ever ascending will invariably lift a man upwards, creating a synergy between the man and the universe. He must therefore create a balance between the two poles.

Let the reader not expect that I will list herein examples of each types of passion. Nah, let the reader read with an open heart all that is herein written, and let him implore his soul, for there lies the greatest instructor.

Excerpt from the Blueprint imprinted in the great light by Sebastian Enukorah



2 thoughts on ““2 types of PASSION””

  1. Dear writer, i enjoy reading your posts and writings. A lot times, your writings add knowledge to me. A lot of things and understanding(s) i am unaware of, your shared posts helps bring them to light. As one who is eager and loves reading from you, i will appreciate if you do not hoard any of your teachings, insights and understanding. I am sure other people read your blog too. You just might not know who you are impacting knowledge into. As you know, most people are silent readers. I think if there is anything to share/put out there, you should share the knowledge. Thank you


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