"Unveiling the veil in Dreams; Part one."


Why do I have to remember my dreams?
This question has been asked by many curious people who are interested in the metaphysical. Many of them seek interpretations to their dreams from various sources, but this is wrong. While there are few people gifted in interpreting dreams, the truth remains that the best interpreter of dreams you can ever find lies buried deep within you. You only need to find a way to awaken him. If dreams appear to people in different ways, it means that to everyone there is a unique way of dreaming.

Why would you go to another who understands his own dreams his own way, to help you interpret yours? However, it is possible for two people to have similar kind of dream, but this is not frequent. When it happens, it is usually the universe at work, connecting the two with one dream for a purpose, and not because the two willed it to dream same dream.
Back to the first question that introduced this article. Why do you have to remember your dreams? Because dreams tell you everything about things you have no idea about. It tells you about your family, your friends, your job, adventures and yes even about your health.  When the body sleeps, there are active repair agents at work, which science has called the Human Growth Hormone (HGH), sometimes the activities they carry out play out in our dreams. You wonder at this saying? do you not know that when the body is over fed, it plays back as nightmares sometimes during your dream state. Where are the religious, those who have the will power to go on dry fasting for days, do you not dream about having a merry, with a bounty of food. Those who have sexual engagements who have not had sex for a while, do you not find yourself engaged in strange sexual appetite in your dream? Some say this is spiritual attack, this is what the religious say when they can’t understand or explain anything. While it may be possible to be an attack, majority of the time, it is your body speaking to you in your sleep.
When the conscious mind is only a man’s focus, his subconscious becomes overwhelmed by the conscious. His dream life which is his subconscious is clouded by his physical life. His thoughts in his waking state assumes characters in his dream. This is not so for a man who finds a balance between the conscious and the subconscious during his waking state. This type of man, despite all busy activity of the day, he finds time in recluse to focus on the subconscious. The characters in his dream become balanced, a part of it from the universe which is his super-conscious, some from his subconscious and a part from his consciousness.
Dreams have an escaping nature, they tend to run away from you. Even when you remember it is but only a fragment of the whole dream.  Why is this so? Because your body is the veil, that prevents the light entering the dream from imprinting and impressing itself in the human brain. When dreams easily impress and imprint it self in the human brain, they take the form of nightmares, fears, worries and death.
Unveiling the veil in dreams, is you unveiling the life you desire to live.
Excerpt from the Blueprint imprinted in the great light by Sebastian Enukorah.


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