"The Shape of Enlightenment"

The age of spiritual enlightenment has come upon us, and many are those who claim to be enlightened, no one wants to be left behind. We all want to be part of something significant without paying the price for it. We forget that there is no free lunch, we have to pay a price no matter how little it maybe.

Enlightenment is not won in a day, neither can it be bought with a price. No group, or church can give it to you, you have to walk the path yourself. The part starts by knowing “Thyself”, and ends with removing the “I” in everything. Many may not be able to walk this path in this lifetime, others who are able to walk the path in their life time may do so because of grace.

At the end It takes many years of sacrifice, for the path to enlightenment is truly the “path of the razor’s edge.” Dissolve the ego, and let Thyself be born.
What enlightenment is not;
  • To be enlightened is not to sit in meditation
  • To be enlightened is not to read all spiritual books and text
  • To be enlightened is not to have a flash of mystical experience.
  • It is not to sit all day in a strange posture.
  • Enlightenment is not to assume the role of a teacher
  • It is not written on the forehead.
Here is the truth; When you can see regardless if your eyes are opened or closed, then you are among the few enlightened beings walking on earth.  If you do not understand this message, then in truth you are not enlightened. He who is truly enlightened does not say; I am enlightened!
Enlightenment is formless, yet has diverse shapes, it is light yet darkness, it is everything and yet nothing.  The only true way to identify it is Love, because he who is enlightened is overwhelmed with compassion, and this compassion extends beyond his body and affects those who are far away from him and those who come around him.
Excerpt from the Blueprint imprinted in the great light by Sebastian Enukorah.

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