"Stars, Planets and Men; An untold story"

It is a well known believe that the stars influence a man’s destiny and may sometimes bring strange shortfallings that reduce a man to a brute.
From the medieval periods, wise men knew that the stars had certain influence, and they sort to understand its nature. Many of them sat for hours and days, looking at the stars above and contemplating its nature. Little did they know that all the wisdom they desired about the stars, was buried deep within them all along. All they needed to do was to look inwards. However, few came to that understanding, when within them flashes of light in the form of stars danced in front of their gaze. Startled at the view, they awakened and yelled with a loud voice saying. Alas! Alas!  “As above so below”.  Herewith herald a wisdom that has today become a philosophical guide for the wise.
If this is the truth, that as above so it is below; then there is a Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Sun and the Moon in man. For this reason, the days of the week are named after the planets, evident in all the Romance languages; Spanish, French, Italian, and others. This truth has guided many philosophers to liken certain human traits to these planets; Jupiter for pride, ambition and leadership, Saturn for moodiness, the Sun which they call Apollo, for beauty, Mercury for the mind, Mars for strength, Venus for Love. This is the key and guiding principle to all astrology, palmistry, alchemy and all metaphysical studies.
Others argue and question, why men say that the stars influence man. If stars be above, and stars be below, it means that within man is all the starry universe he can ever find. Man, therefore influence and stir their own life, by their power of free will, independent of the planets. While these two school of thoughts are right in their own way, the truth remains that both ideas must be harnessed together.
The seminal seed upon which a man is born, has within it all the degenerated animal instincts from his parents, passed down from generations to generations. Therefore, within this seed, a man is already born with all his weaknesses and strengths, regardless of the planets.
While it is true that the stars may influence man, this is not the case all the time; For stars do not push men to kill, hate, cheat and lie. Ordinary men rule themselves because of their freewill, but divine men rule the stars.
Who are divine men? These are the very few men who summon the universe at will, whose being is centered in unwavering love and compassion. When they speak the universe listens, and within their soul the soul of the universe speaks. While they walk among men in human bodies, within they walk in celestial garment.
If humanity can find these few men, and learn from them, then the great work of the universe is half done; which is for humanity to evolve and not devolve. Questions like, do stars rule men will forever fade away, for men will take full control of their life and the universe will have no other choice but to bend to their will.
Excerpt from the Blueprint Imprinted in the Great Light by Sebastian Enukorah.


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