"Realms of light, Guarded by Helmsmen"

No one can deny that light is in everything or at least penetrates everything. What many can deny is that there are different realms of light. With each realm being peopled and guided by a helmsman. These helmsmen are popularly called guardians of the threshold. One of their key functions is to ensure admission into the light, as well as refrain anything not worthy from entering into the light. We have heard of many names given to them, and they are depicted with having strange appearances. A typical example of their function can be found in the Christian text, where cherubim was instructed in the garden of Eden to guard the tree of life with a flaming sword.

The nature of this light has been contemplated by many, but the wise all know that it is the abode of beings and entities. Many believe that upon death, the soul of man is ushered into this light, which remains his abode.

Here is the truth, this light is electromagnetic, and it travels as a result of its vibrating nature. Within man is an electromagnetic field, and his thoughts, emotions and imaginations are registered in it. Upon his death, this light will escape from his body to unite with a realm of light that vibrates in harmony to it. Here is a mystery of death for those who ponder on the afterlife. However, this is not the purpose of this write up, we there must turn our attention to the subject matter.
While all light shines forth from one source, which is the absolute, not every entity dwelling in a certain light can move freely as they please from one realm of light to the other. This is where a guardian comes in to ensure there are no cross overs. By guardians, we must know we don’t mean guardian angles who are assigned to guard man upon being ushered into this world, and neither do we mean guardian angels who are messengers from the light. There are differences to them, for they vary in offices and functions.
To help the reader understand what is meant by realms of light. We must remember that everything is about energy, and that energy vibrates, right? If energy vibrates, it means that there are different types of vibrations which this energy might give off. Each vibration comes with a certain color to it, and by these colors I do not mean the type we see with our eyes. I mean the ultraviolet and infrared and many others.
Yet there are few enlightened men who see these types of lights which are not visible to the human eyes.  More so, science has come to harness this unseen light, in the form of x-rays used to photograph the human body, and other infrared devices.  There is therefore no more doubts about the nature of light. The only doubt that remains in the possibility of beings and entities to dwell within this light. For this I would say; just as science has developed a device to harness and use this unseen light, the Thomas I question must develop a device within his body in other to harness, see and use this light.
The aim therefore for humanity, is to find a way to vibrate in harmony with the highest realm of light. This is not an easy feat, but a conscious effort is all that matters as we take it a step at a time to vibrate in harmony with the lowest, then to the next level above that. However, we must be ready to be confronted by a guardian of each threshold of light, and must summon up the courage to behold him in the eyes as he questions our authority of admittance into the great realm of light.
Excerpt from the Blueprint imprinted in the great light by Sebastian Enukorah.

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