The elements and their powers

What if there was more to the air we breathe, the water in the ocean, the heat from the sun, the earth we walk on. What if everything we think we know about these elements is far from what these elements really are. What if I told you there are unseen powers within all of them, a force which is alive and in every way active. 
While we may sit all day and debate on this, there are people who know this truth, and some of them have seen or have had encounters with these powers. These may be possible either by forcing the encounter by some art they have learnt or by these powers developing some strange fascination and interest in them and therefore appearing to these humans.
Many have called these powers elementals, while the name nature spirit is preferred as well. I know these may all seem like a fairy tale, but what if in all these fairy tales, there are silent hidden truths depicted as fiction. What if you discovered a way to look at things differently, only to find that all you think you know is nothing at all, and that within nature’s depths are beings we know very little about.  We are not alone, for the Trolls, Goblins, Dijns, Fairies, and mermaids are amongst us.
Within earth we find, the Gnomes which are dwarf like, and in the air we find the sylphs, and for water we find the Undines, and in fire we find the Salamanders. Each elemental can only thrive in its own element, and cannot move from one element to the other.  While some of them may have human forms, there are others with animal form as well
Now I speak only about the elements of air, water, land and earth, powerful forces from which life was possible and not the beings that may dwell therein. While man may thrive in all these four elements, not all living thing can.
In many religious texts the power of the four elements has been shrouded in many symbols. In the Christian text we read about the prince of the power of the air. We also find in the Christian text, dreams and visions experienced by holy men, and in their narration they mention a being with four faces; A lion, an eagle, a man, and a calf.  The lion being fire, eagle for air, man for water, and bull for earth.  In the Muslim text we find the Jinns, which were created before man from smokeless element of fire.
Why is this important to us readers? We must know that our thoughts give form to these elementals, and attract them to us. It is safe to say they are the offsprings of our emotions, thoughts, desires and passions, which are all potent forces just like these elementals which are responsible in the working of karma.
Excerpt from the Blueprint imprinted in the great light by Sebastian Enukorah.


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