*The Two Pillars of Evolution; Virtues and Vices.*

Nature has its laws and one of these fundamental laws is the law of opposites. A law that centers on two contrary forces that antagonize one another. We find this law playing out between the sun and the moon, we find it in seasons, we find it man and woman, we find it even in life and death. Let us turn our attention now to the opposite forces of virtues and vices. He who desires to learn more on the law of opposites will find useful resources on it, under the heading fundamental laws of the universe.

So what is evolution? Some will say it is the advancement of man from a primitive life to a more intelligent one and therefore all concept of evolution revolves around the Darwinian theory of evolution. The truth is, evolution is much more than that, much more than advancement from ape to man. I assert without fear of intelligent contradiction, that the Darwinian Theory is incomplete. For if man evolved from apes, then there would be no apes left on the surface of the earth. It is however, also possible that perhaps the concept of Darwin was misconstrued, maybe he was speaking allegorically; yet everyone took evolution to mean an advancement from the brute ape to man, instead of from a primitive life to an intelligible life. Yes the early men on earth may have had some ape like features, but they are not apes. The reverse is the case instead, for apes advanced from the rest of the animals, and therefore they took the likeness of man.

Let us not degenerate into apes as a result of arguments about what evolution is and what it is not, for we are all here on the surface of the earth to evolve and not devolve. Let us use the inner knowledge of reason, intuition and enlightenment which is birth right of every man.

Evolution is like a ladder, a gradual climb from one step to the next, and it is supported by two pillars; one virtues which is on the right of the ladder, and the other is vices which is on the left. To evolve, man must climb slowly and diligently, until reaching the pinnacle. It is with this knowledge of life, that all religious doctrine is centered on these two pillars.

There are seven vices and seven virtues and each contradict each other, and within man these forces are strong and alive, vibrating with power. If you are to take a man and dissect him into halves, you will find him bleeding virtues and vices, though one in more proportion than the other; do not be alarmed at my saying for I speak in allegory. But we must remember that in every allegory we may find the seed of truth that may awaken our reason.  What do you think science meant when they said red blood cells and white blood cells? Or maybe science, the progenitor of these divisions and classification of blood may not yet have in their possession and knowledge the full power and extent of the human blood and its universal link with the two pillars of virtues and vices.

Let us turn to the matter at hand. These vices and their contraries are…  lust for chastity, gluttony for temperance, greed for charity, sloth for diligence, wrath for patience, envy for kindness, pride for humility. Here in lies the dogma; there is a God and a Devil in every one of us. It is with these vices that man is arrested by evil forces not his physical nature. Nay!…

The devil will never appear to man, neither will God. But in all these seven virtues and vices we find the spirit of the devil and the spirit of God both always antagonizing each other. One for evolution, the other for regression. If a man becomes clairvoyant and sees an image of what he perceives to be a devil, let him know that that which he sees is an inner image of himself.

Do you not know that the earth is also meant to evolve? But how can it evolve when those inhabiting it is not evolving?  A man who says he is physical strong on the outside, should not say so until he has examine his life from within. To be physical strong is also to be mentally and emotional strong and stable within. All breakdown of the body in ailment starts from within and not without. Herein is a truth not yet accepted by science, that diabetes can be exacerbated or improved by sound mental and emotional life. We await a great union between science and spirituality, where humanity is fully awakened to the gift of science and spirituality from the universe to mankind.

Excerpt from the Blueprint imprinted in the great light by Sebastian Enukorah

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