Quotes & Poems

*My Soul, my Quill*

My inspirational muse, how brilliantly you amuse me.

Gold in color, bold in honor.

My easy expression, you erase my depression.

The only time you are still, is when I am ill.

My quill my voice, the reason am heard.

The reason am dubbed with a poetic laureate.

And when my poetic quest on earth has ended

I shall humbly sing your praise to the angels,

And on earth my will I will, only to my quill.

1 thought on “*My Soul, my Quill*”

  1. Hi Sebastian – I appreciate this poem, and share a lot of the emotion in it. I noticed that you followed my blog today – wanted to let you know that I moved it to a self-hosted wordpress site – would you be ok heading over there and following? The new URL is peacehacks.com – there’s a follow option similar to yours.
    Keep up the good work – hope to hear from you soon.


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