Quotes & Poems

*The crying clairvoyant*

If only I had the gift to see that which is hidden from ordinary men,

I would sing your praise forever, ohh thou that giveth life.

Send down thy glorious light to overwhelm my brain with power,

To vivify my sight, and make me a god amongst men.

So now the unknown I see, my wish granted.

Wait, wait, what gruesome death I behold,

My love, my friends, my father, my mother,

Their deaths I see, my heart so heavy.

What pain Is this, to know how they all die,

Without the power to stop it.


O thou that giveth godly sight,

Make haste and take away this sorrow from me.

Return to me that ordinary sight of men, that I may find peace within.

For this gift of sight, to gods they belong.



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