Quotes & Poems

*The Great Prima Materia*

The first and last born of the Absolute.

With you the alchemist has no substitute.

You are positive yet negative.

Male and yet female.


Above you is immensity, below is immensity

Yet with you, immensity equals immensity.

You are in the center, yet at the circumference

You are here and yet there

You are no where and yet everywhere.


How men have given you many names,

For they know not how to praise you sufficiently.

They seek you in the wrong places,

Azoth! Azoth! they cry, why has thou hid thy face.

Ohh ignorant mortals, they presume to flatter,

For they err in sublimation of spirit and matter.

They forget that only in subjugation and truth can the prima materia gloria.

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