“Spirituality and The Central Nervous System”

We often say spirituality is a race for those who believe in that which cannot be seen. While everyone has the freewill to believe what they want to believe, but have we ever considered, that maybe, that which is seen proceeds from that which is not seen. If only we had a way to look at things differently, maybe we all may see that which is hidden.  If man could see what goes on within a man’s brain when he is spiritualized, then maybe humanity would take spirituality a little more seriously. This we leave to the curiosity of science to find a way someday in the future to examine the brain of one who is in spiritual ecstasy, then maybe humanity will wake up from this long slumber and take to heart, that, which is but their birth right.  When Christian’s say it was fire which overwhelms them when they are in spiritual ecstasy, there couldn’t have been a better word to qualify it. For in truth it burns without consuming the brain and the spinal cord, both being vivified like the stars in the sky and the galaxies up above. However, this qualification is found also in the Buddhism and Hinduism for they all recognize this truth; that this spiritual ecstasy is synonymous with fire.

This fire when kindled becomes restless and volatile, and its only action is to move from one point to the other, and the only channel is though the spinal cord. Take away the spinal cord and the movement is impeded and the full effect of this fire may not be witnessed within the body.

The brain when vivified by this fire, begins to vibrate with different types of light. The light travels from the brain all the way through the top of the spine and down to the end of the spine, before traveling back up to the brain. As it travels, it awakens the body, and it may in the process enliven the organs in the body as well, that is, only if this fire be strong enough.  What do I mean by strong enough? When the strength of the fire is weak, the colors are weak, but when the colors burn bright, then the fire within is strong enough. When the fire is strong enough, it may emit from the eyes, and everything the beholder looks at becomes brilliant.

The spinal cord is like a ladder of evolution, and every climb or fall of this fire along the spinal cord is like a step further towards evolving or devolving. When the fire ascends to the brain, intuition and mental power is developed. When the fire descends to the body, health and vigor ensues.

In few cases there maybe vibrations along the spine as the light travels, and sometimes on the fore head as well. The tip of the fingers and other parts of the body may tingle as the fire spreads to the rest of the body. Memory is heightened, and the senses awaken to a deeper level, and this is evident first in his more colorful dream and then in this physical world.

The brain and the spinal cord cannot function effectively without the other, and no spirituality can develop when the brain is faulty. No matter what posture the man takes in meditation, no matter how long the hour, if his brain has defects nothing much can come out of it.

If in the future science does find a way to examine a brain overwhelmed in spiritual ecstasy, in qualifying it they would say; “The man’s brain can be likened to a peacock’s tail with its brilliant colors, which she uses to attract her mate.” Here in lies the secret of the law of attraction, the key to why it is never successful all the time.

Excerpt from the Secret Diary of a Metaphysician by Sebastian Enukorah

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