” Playing the fool; Being Invisible”

“One of the most difficult things to do is playing the fool, but i tell you my dear friend, even in the pack of cards the joker is the wild card.” This is so important that many of us forget it, and this is what Robert Greene the author of 48 laws of power meant when he said assume formless, and it is the most powerful and most important of all 48 laws which explains why it ends these laws.Many times, we find people discussing and everyone wants to be heard, everyone wants to be the smart one. Many want to be the center of attention, and no one wants to be the one fading in the background. While this is good, one must try to balance it. You cannot want to be the center of attention all the time, because when you do, you are easily predictable and you will soon become the target.

What is wrong in being silent at times? Do you not know that there is power is silence, as there is beauty in it. If someone is talking and you are talking as well, who then is listening? Between the one who is talking and the one who is listening, who do you think has more power?  When you are giving a speech to an audience, then this is a difference scenario; in this case your duty is to talk.

Playing a fool means being unpredictable. It is powerful because you can assume anything. A fool may be rich, and yet appear poor. May be the wisest amongst friend, and yet will assume to be the most foolish. When everyone is busy talking, and displaying, he is busy harnessing his power, and learning a great deal about them.

Where are the tarot card lovers, where are those who understand the meaning of the fool in the tarot card. Why do you think it is given the numerical value of Zero?

When you are with a friend, brother and lover, and they do something thinking you will never understand what they did, do you feign ignorance, or do you try to tell them all the time that you know what they just did.  If you feign ignorance, that is you playing the fool and there is a great deal of power in that.

Learn to play the fool sometimes, that way you fool the fools who think they are fooling you. A man may be eloquent in speech, but if he is daft in listening, then he is just an ordinary man.

Excerpt from the Secret Diary of a Metaphysician by  Sebastian Enukorah. Buy the book here

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