” When Blood Speaks”

Many say the soul of man is in some part of his body, others say the soul is in the spirit and that the spirit is in man. But where in man is the spirit? Let us reflect on this for a while, let the deep thinker within us all awaken for just a moment.  Any flash of intuition as to what part of man the spirit may be?

The spirit of man is everywhere in him, it is in two, three, and every part of his body at the same time. It is always active and mobile, and when it ceases to be, then it is said that the man is dead.

Its vehicle is the blood, and its stimulator is the breath of man. This is why when a man ceases to breathe for a considerable duration, he is most likely pronounced dead in most cases. I say most cases because it is possible for a man not to breathe for a considerable time and still not be dead.

Many are the mistakes of the naive who upon seeing that a man is not breathing, quickly pass him off as dead, because he is not breathing. You all forget that within a man is his blood, and this blood is the vehicle of the spirit, and even if the stimulator of the spirit which is the breath ceases, his spirit is still passively active within his blood. This explains so many sad cases, of people being buried alive, who wake up forcefully in the grave, only to suffocate in it.  Where are the brave who will take the time to dig up some graves, you may find one or two cases of the dead with a struggling dead posture, after being initially buried with a straightened body.

The soul of the unfortunate man who was buried alive, seeing the impending mistake, will excite the spirit to action, and the man wakes up forcibly, breathing hard and fast as a result, and if he is just about to be put under the ground, then such a man has escaped a gruesome death.

Listen, there is a subtle thread that connects the soul of man to his body. As long as this subtle thread is not broken, that man cannot die. Many are the spiritual leaders who wished they could raise the dead from the grave, but if he the spiritual leader had spiritual eyes, he would know if the thread has been severed or not, and if severed there is nothing much he can do, but to pray for the departed soul.

Greatest of philosophers have called this thread, “the silver cord”. But they are not the progenitor of this name. For due credit must be given to the Christian text “The Bible” which all secret sects, all mystics, all spiritualist, all philosophers have read back and front, in and out, as they have read as well for other religious text and aphorisms. For ease of reference, let the curious reader find the silver cord mentioned in Ecclesiastes 12,1-8.  The great wise Solomon may have mentioned this silver cord herein, but that does not make him the originator of the word, for he too was vast in ancient scripts. However, the truth remains that the bible made the word popular.

Some liken the silver cord to the spinal cord, but the enlightened and spiritual know that apart from the physical body, there is a body double which is etheric. This body double is the energy body and it is with it, the silver cord vibrates.Those who have ever experienced an out of body experience need not contemplate on this saying, for they have seen or felt this silver cord pull them back towards their lying body.

Silver cord or not, once the blood in man is gone, the spirit of that man has left him. Therefore, when blood speaks man listens, no when blood speaks the gods listen. The ancient know, so the practice of blood rituals and sacrifice was prevalent.

The power of blood cannot be overemphasized, in it is found a whole generation, in it is found the universal codes which science calls DNA, in it is power. They compare blood groups and genotypes between a couple, yet the spiritual know that this is just spiritual compatibility.

If marriages were united with blood oaths, how meaningful it would have been. Now marriages are material oaths, rings with no meaning, and orchestrated by priests with moral deformity and no spiritual power. What a failed union it is gradually becoming over time. In many ages to come, only but few will desire to marry, seeing the outrageous increase in divorce. Not to complain about this, but to enlighten us on the power of blood, for all that is wrong in this age, is wrong only because it is meant to be wrong, and soon a dissolution shall befall mankind, and all imbalances shall balance.

Bring the killer of a dead man close to him, and see how the dead man’s blood will run afresh from his injuries, such is the power of blood when it speaks. How easy it would be for detectives, if they knew this knowledge; for blood speaks in mysterious ways, and points out the killer, regardless of his desire to conceal the truth.

Excerpt from the Secret Diary of a Metaphysician  by Sebastian Enukorah. Buy the book here

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