The Science of Mindfulness

When many use the term consciousness, they use it only superficially. There is a deeper meaning to it, for in consciousness everything that existed vibrated to life. There is a vital spirit or universal energy that permeates and animates everything from the universe all the way down to earth and within man as well. This vital spirit can be said to be conscious for in it we find intelligence.If this vital spirit permeates the universe, then the universe has a mind, just as man has a mind. Let not the reader be marveled at this saying, but rather reflect deeply to find the truth within himself.

Do you not know that if there is a universe above, there is also a universe below, and this universe below is found within man, but only in a lesser degree. This vital spirit that animates the universe, and animates man moves in a swirling motion, and in harmony. In man, every perturbation of the mind, reverses the swirling motion and harmony of this vital spirit within man. When this perturbation and disharmony continues and remains unchecked and controlled, it brings with it many visible distortions in the man’s external world. The man finds weariness in his body and flesh, and overtime he loses control of his material life as well.

This is why the first fundamental law of the universe which is the law of vibration, is invaluable. Starting today, learn to cultivate a daily intercourse with your mind. Practice mindfulness and position yourself in harmony with these laws of the universe for in doing so, you will find your life and will also find the law of attraction invaluable.

Excerpt from The Secret Diary of a Metaphysician by Sebastian Enukorah. Buy the book here

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