“The Nature of Truth”

If one could contemplate truth, one will find that it is all encompassing. Truth is awakened reason, it is the light in everything. Truth is the dividing line between being aware and being lost. Truth is love, and he who knows love knows truth. For there is but one religion, and that religion is truth.

Many are the ignorant who wonder why truth is given so much attention in all religious text. Those who wrote these religious texts didn’t do it out of their own inspiration, but a universal inspiration which overwhelmed them and excited them to write it down. Those divinely inspired men, knew that with truth, there is power. With truth there is harmony, and with harmony is life.

Here is wisdom for those who may heed. For every time one speaks the truth, the brain releases a universal chemical into the body that awakens the cells and revitalizes them, the body as a result becomes enlivened, only hitherto we cannot perceive it.

The pursuit of truth commences with an effort not to conform to being a brute.Truth pulls us to evolution; for to evolve and not devolve is the purpose of the universe for humanity. When one finds truth, one finds everything. He who has found truth begins to perceive his fellow man in different ways he never knew existed. He learns that words have certain vibrational key notes behind them, and that truth has a peculiar key note to it, while every other thing contrary to it is different.

He who wants to know the nature of truth should look for it in little babes, afterwards he should look for it within himself and seek for the inner child, when he has found it, let him nurture it. For this child is his way out through life. All religion has expressed this truth in different ways.

Therefore, hear the truth for this is the nature and measure of it.

Excerpt from The Secret Diary of a Metaphysician by Sebastian Enukorah. Buy the book here

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