“Silent whispers from the universe”

There are many who can take the pain to count the stars, but there are very few who try to listen to the silent whispers from the universe, because they are too busy with their daily lives that they forget to listen. When man is engrossed with thoughts about life, his mental plane become preoccupied with unrefined thoughts. Thereby blocking any possibility of an external influence penetrating the man and giving him a fresh wave of inspiration.  Such a man when he has retired at night, will replicate his waking busy life in his dream.There is a language spoken by the universe, and this language is spoken by everything in nature, from the ocean, to the winds.  A sound of which many mystics have likened the language to the F note. Some sleep and hear the music of the earth, a loud and terrible music, yet very few sleeps and hear the music of the spheres, a silent whisper that rejuvenates the soul. I recall one of my favorite poems in the hope that it inspires the reader;

                               Do you hear the celestial symphony, the glorious tones,

                                                 the voice of harpers harping.

                                          How gracefully do you dance to it.

               Or do you dance on a broken earthly string, Lacking grace is every step.

                    See how gracefully the oceans dance to the string that gives life.

                 Even the celestial bodies are suspended by harmonic stings of love,

                                dancing in circles and grace as they worship in veneration,

                                               to the greatest music ever composed.

                                                                                                                    Sebastian Enukorah.

Words in forms of whispers from a billion miles away penetrate into an open and a free mind. When one is talking how can he listen? It is the same when we are busy with life, and with everything that is coarse, how can we hear the subtle whispers from the great light?

The sages, and wise men of old know how to listen to these whispers, and from it they learn a great deal about life. They tower above the rest in knowledge and wisdom, yet they will never admit that they know it all.

Do you want to hear the silent whispers of the Universe?  Then you must start by finding recluse, withdraw from every activity of the senses, and draw your attention inward. Remain in this state and in a many attempt you will not hear these whispers; for your mind is busy listening and seeking it. A day will come when it will become second nature to you, and then the voice of silence will be heard. Remember, try not to be startled, for every agitation breaks the on-rushing current of power.

Excerpt from The Secret Diary of a Metaphysician by Sebastian Enukorah. Buy the book here

© Sebastian Enukorah..

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