“The bleeding heaven”

There are many heavens as many will agree. Some believe there are seven, others say there are three. While none of them are wrong, the only difference being that the seven types of heaven are only but a further break down of the three heavens. However, very few would agree that there is a heaven that bleeds nonstop; a heaven where sorrow, and anguish never ends. This is not hell as many would think, for there is nothing heaven in hell.This heaven is the closest of all the heavens to earth. The heavenly beings in the higher realms can move freely in the realms below it, but those in the bleeding heaven can only move freely on earth and nothing more. It is a realm of light, like all realms, but it is made of a different type of light and vibration. It is peopled by man’s emotions, thoughts, and imagination. In it all actions, thoughts, emotions and imaginations are recorded and imprinted.

When a man lives all his life on earth with abased thoughts, he shall find upon death that his thoughts awaken after a certain time in the afterlife. looking around him he shall find astral blood pouring away from him, as well as from the astral beings dwelling in this realm. By astral blood we mean lower color vibrations of light, and not the reddish fluid that enlivens a living man’s body.

Many spiritualists have called this heaven the astral world, and several other names. Some Christians have called it purgatory. In this realm of light, man’s thoughts and imaginations are awakened again after his death, and man begins to desire all that he desired while he was still living. It is for this reason that this heaven is closest to earth, for the vibrations in this heaven are a replication of that which is on earth.

If there be amongst the living, one who has developed his sight to see that which is unseen, or he who is gifted from birth to see that hidden from other men. Such a one will quiver with fear upon seeing for the first time the beings in this bleeding heaven, for they appear to enlarge themselves to frighten the faint-hearted.  It matters not what these beings do, it matters not how much gigantic they grow, for when they behold a diamond soul which illuminates with light, they themselves with tremble with fear.

Excerpt from the Secret Diary of a Metaphysician by Sebastian Enukorah

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© Sebastian Enukorah..


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