Quotes & Poems

“The Lost power; The feminine power of a woman.”

What power, what glory, strange power found in feminine.

You express yourself in the human mind as imagination and desire.

A force necessary for all manifestation, and all attraction.

Few express it, some embrace it.

Nothing can ever exist in nature,

Without the feminine pouring out her strength to it.

If i was a star, i be a Gemini, a dual power of yin and yang.

No feminine, no masculine. For you make the masculine, masculine.

For men sought wisdom when women had already become wise.

In the garden of Eden, Yes in this garden they showed men the way.

Winning first, the price of knowledge, while men sat in helpless wonder.

Ooh…  how i need the feminine in me to awaken,

Awaken in us all, and let the feminine power in us be born,

That we may rise in power and glory and become conquerors of nature.

© Sebastian Enukorah.


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