The way of consciousness

There is no denying that consciousness plays a very important role in humans, but we find consciousness in animals and plants as well.  However, very few will agree that the sun, the earth and the universe is conscious as well. A curious reader would ask, “how can the sun or universe be conscious?”

The answer lies in understanding what consciousness really is.  If anything exhibits some intelligence, then it is conscious. By intelligence we do not mean the level of brain power we find in humans, by it we only refer to the exhibition of numbers and patterns. That being said, do you still have doubts about the consciousness of the sun and the universe.

The problems with we humans is that, anything we cannot comprehend doesn’t exist. If by brain power we mean speech, we forget that speech is sound and that sound come in different degrees, and yes, the universe vibrates with its own harmonious sound. If by brain power you mean thought power, then you have forgotten that thought is what subjects man to morality, and that thought to the universe is only a force of motion seen in the rotation of planets on their axis and round the sun.

These patterns and numbers are the foundation upon which everything is established, and great minds have recognized it, and follow these patterns for they were never created by men. Man never created time, time has been there from the rising of the sun to its setting. Man never determined the number of days in a month, the moon showed us how.  Some religious celebrations are connected to the phases of the moon, the Salah for Muslims, and Easter for Christians. The universe is very much alive, but not in a human way.

But what is the shape of consciousness, what is its nature and purpose? Some philosophers are of the opinion that consciousness is a spiral, and begins from without and ends within towards the center of the spiral, or from the center of the spiral all the way from within and then outwards. While other brilliant philosophers postulated that, consciousness is like a pyramid, it raises from below to the apex.

Two great ideas, but which of the two school of thought is right about consciousness. One or none of them? The truth is, they are both right; for consciousness is in numbers and patterns and anything in numbers spirals, and anything in numbers forms a shape or pattern. Numbers form shapes, shapes produce numbers. In triangle you find the number 3, and in square you find the number 4. The planets are spherical, the galaxies spirals. In any case, there must be motion from one point to another, but the destination is the same and that destination is the center or apex.

What is this center or apex? It is the universal consciousness, the universal mind. The Egyptians understand this truth, and it is the meaning behind their pyramids. In the Christian text and in Judaism, it is depicted as a ladder seen in a dream by Jacob. In Islamic text, Jacobs ladder may not have been mentioned, but pharaoh had ordered that a lofty tower be built so that he may survey the God of Moses. I chose to retain the Christian names, Moses and Pharaoh for better explanation not out of preference.

Men with lofty words have not called this apex or center, consciousness, but have referred to it as super-conscious with great reverence.  While there may seem to be a consciousness above and that below, one at the center and the other without, yet they penetrate each other unconsciously or by an effort of will power; the one above and in the center enlivens the one below and without, whenever contact is made between the two.

Excerpt from The Secret Diary of a Metaphysician by Sebastian Enukorah. Buy the book here

© Sebastian Enukorah..

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