The dividing line between psychic and spiritual powers

There are few men living on earth who are gifted with certain powers. Some of these powers are innate while others are acquired by practice. It is true that those who are born with these gifts, must be taught on how to use them effectively. The difference however is that it takes a shorter time frame for those born with it to harness all of these powers compared to those who acquired it.

While some who possess these powers display these powers so that they may be feared and respected, others display these powers in other to make money from it. Many envy them and desire to possess at least one of these powers, but what they do not know is that there is a difference between these powers. One coming from the psychic plane, the other from the spiritual plane.

While these powers may seem good to man, they only but profane a man. He who goes around daily seeking power, will upon finding this power realize that it is the destruction of him.  There may be many ways to seek these powers, but there is only one true way. Our focus on this topic is not to discuss the way to these powers, but on the difference between these powers.

How can one truly understand if the power they possess is from the psychic or spiritual power? a curious reader will ask.

  • The first thing to know is that for psychic powers, you take them by force with effort, while the spiritual power even if you put in tremendous effort you can never acquire it forcefully. It comes only by grace as the soul climbs patiently through the “ladders of realization”
  • With psychic powers you may not refine your inner life before you acquire these powers. While spiritual powers require total transformation of the soul.
  • Psychic powers may require that you manipulate some certain parts of your body in other to acquire these powers. This is not the case with spiritual power. When grace overwhelms he who is spiritualized, the body parts that are necessary for spiritual power awaken on their own accord.
  • While Psychic powers may be harmful, since it was acquired forcefully, spiritual powers are never harmful; for no harm can come to a purified soul.
  • Psychic powers are limited to things of these world, while spiritual power penetrates worlds removed from sight. He who possess Psychic powers will never be able to see principalities and powers residing in higher realms.

Therefore, those with spiritual powers can acquire all the powers the psychic plane unveils, but he who has psychic powers can never possess any of the spiritual powers. Remember that psychic power dwells in the astral world, but true spiritual power dwells in the highest of realms.

Excerpt from The Secret Diary of a Metaphysician by Sebastian Enukorah. Buy the book here

© Sebastian Enukorah..

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