Lucid dreaming; The secret art of coloring your dream life.

It is fascinating to find that many do not have a colorful imagination. It is even more interesting to find that there are people who do not even have imaginations at all. When they read a book, they only engage the eyes and the words, no imagery light flashes in the brain. Though they may dream, when they enter the dream world but the images that appear are not so vivid and colorful.

Why is it important to have a vivid imagination both in the waking state and dream state, the inquisitive reader may ask. The truth is this; man’s imagination is the magic wand to influence his physical world. A painter engages his imagination before he begins his work. He has within his mind’s eye a complete picture of what he seeks to produce in the physical. All great things we see here on earth and wonder at how they were made, were all born first within the mind. From aeroplanes to the ship at sea.

There is an overlap between the dream life and the physical. What a man does in his waking state influences what he does in the dream state. Likewise, what he does in the dream state influences his waking state. The hypnotist knows this, and it is for this reason they try to change a person’s negative personality though suggestion during hypnotic states. For example, if a man is always faint hearted when confronted by something in his waking state, by making him confront that same thing in his dream state, and ensuring he conquers it, the man will find to his surprise how easily he has overpowered the same thing in his waking state when confronted again by it.

For those who are already imaginative, and to those who are not, below is a summarized step to help increase your imaginative power.

  • Pick up a seed, look at for a while, put it away and use your will power to imagine this seed in your mind’s eye.
  • Write a number, draw any shape, a simple circle or triangle will suffice, put it away and imagine it in your mind’s eye.
  • When you are able to produce the image at will, then try to add colors to it, change the view, rotate the image if you may.
  • The advance stage requires looking at a man, or building and try to imagine it in your mind’s eye using colors as well.

Over time, when you keep at it, to such an extent that it becomes second nature, you will find that this willpower will easily be transferred into the dream life. Before now when the dreamer sleeps at night, his imaginations come to life, and his brain controls the imaginations independent of the dreamer, but only hitherto the man assumes full control and decides what he desires to see in his dream, and to some extent the outcome of the dream. He therefore colors his dream life, and his physical world becomes brilliant, arrayed in magnificent colors thereafter.

Excerpt from The Secret Diary of a Metaphysician by Sebastian Enukorah. Buy the book here

© Sebastian Enukorah..





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