The inner life, and the power therein

There is an inner power found only in the life within, and it is a gift to the regenerated soul. When a man lives not only in the life without which is guided by his senses, but by the life within guided by an eternal light, the man’s life becomes filled with magnetic and electrifying properties; a gift from the universe to him. This magnetic and electrifying force overwhelms the man’s body, and from his eyes and fingers, he can channel and control these electrifying and magnetic force. when a man has attained this level of inner life mastery, that man is said to be the “law of attraction himself.”

When a man begins to live the inner life, he awakens a powerful will power within him that summons the universe at every call. His soul becomes a beacon of light which guides the weaker souls, and attract heavenly beings that help him actualize his early desires.  The man lives amongst men, yet he is not a man. He walks a man, yet he flies an angel. His soul becomes the “diamond soul.”

What is the inner life and how can I live it? The inner life is an internal contemplation which is like a way of judging yourself. It begins first with self-examination and ends with self-realization. For a realized man is a man who is awakened and enlightened and is he who knows himself. It is therefore important that the first step to take in living the inner life is to “Know thyself.”

A man is controlled by his thoughts, emotions and imaginations. Everything we see without is born first within. Therefore, the life within is important and must not be taken for granted. When your thoughts run back and forth without control, then your life is centered in the life without. For your thoughts run wild only because they are focused in the life without; What you will wear, what you will eat, how much money you need, what car to buy or fix, who you envy, how you can become famous. However, if there is a change of focus, and all thoughts are centered within; by within I mean in an internal space where no lingering thoughts and worry dwell, but silence becomes so loud like a trumpet.  In that space we find all the magic and wonders of the universe we may ever need.

Excerpt from The Secret Diary of a Metaphysician by Sebastian Enukorah. Buy the book here

© Sebastian Enukorah..

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