A stroke of luck, by man or by God ?

We all wish we are lucky most of the time, but we all know how elusive luck can be. What is even more interesting is that, there are people who never believe in luck, or who believe in their subconscious that they can never be lucky. While these unbelievers may or may never be found ruing on their believes, there are people who boldly say “I make my own luck”

What is it about luck that makes it so elusive? I think the answers lies in the fact that the mystery behind it is elusive, and that the concept of luck has been misunderstood by many.

What is luck? Luck simply means gaining something by chance without your willing it to happen. The keywords here are chance and will. If this definition of luck is presented to the man who say’s “I make my own luck”, will he withdraw his statement? If one goes for a job interview and is offered a job, will he say that he made his own luck? I think the right thing he should say is, he got very well prepared, and was found highly qualified for the work, based on evaluation by an external party, that is, if he has no insider help from the company. This is the same for a man who applies for and wins a multi-million contract. Ask the same man to roll the dice ten times for the number six, and he will get it only once or twice. Here in lies the misconception of luck.  In both of these cases of securing a job and a multi-million contract, there was an effort of will exerted, through being prepared.

Let’s look at another interesting analogy. What if I told you there are men, who walk on the surface of the earth who are able to roll the dice ten times and make the number six, ten out of ten. If these men were asked if it was a stroke of luck made by them, what do you think their answer would be? Well the answer is very simple; the proud will say I willed it, and the humble will say the gods favor me.

This leaves a lot of unanswered questions in a game of chance based on a stroke of luck; who is doing the stroking man or God? What about the many who do not believe in luck in anyway? Is their life much simpler or better for it? or worse off?

An ardent unbeliever in luck was put to test, let’s call him Mr. A.  Every morning before he steps out a $100 bill was put by his door way, and every morning Mr. A would walk over it and for a month, it was repeated without any result. Much to the amazement of those who were running the test.

Next, they put an advert on a van that reads; call this number Mr. A you have won the sum of $1000. They made this Van drive by Mr. A’s house just about same time he was stepping out for the day’s work, and for a month Mr. A never noticed.  The initiators of the test, was forced to approach him directly, and they had to reveal to him all they had done, with evidence of a recorded video played back to him. His face flushed red in surprise, and even he himself couldn’t believe his credulity. He was encouraged to try to be more open to chances, for if the universe has been setting up numerous possibilities for him to win, he surely has shut himself off from seeing any of them because of his lack of believe in luck.

What are we to take from this short story? The primary thing to take from it is that, the universe cannot come down from where it is to take your hands to find luck. You as a man do have the free will, and that is why you are flesh and bone, which enables you to act. If you do not roll a dice, how can God act? It therefore follows that in answering the question of who is doing the stroking between man or God. I would say man strokes from below, and God strokes even more from above. When the stroke below vibrates with the stroke above, then the mystery is solved.  I wish you all luck in the days ahead of you.

Excerpt from The Secret Diary of a Metaphysician by Sebastian Enukorah. Buy the book here

© Sebastian Enukorah..


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