An addictive power found in dream yoga

“If the physical world won’t give you all you desire, then by all means take it in your dream world through dream yoga.”

No true progress can be made in metaphysics, spirituality, and religion if dream yoga is neglected. If you have never heard of dream yoga and you have made considerable progress spiritually, know that you are already practicing dream yoga unconsciously, the name matters not. For names are given to things only to help us identify them.

To begin, you must pay attention to the instrument. Just like a painter, if the instrument is bad, the work of art is less than perfect. That instrument is your body, for no true progress can be made in dream yoga if this is neglected. You must not eat heavy meals late at night before sleeping. Heavy meals put the body through digestion while you sleep, and this may sometimes create nightmare. The best exercise is to take a walk in the evening to awaken the nerves before sleeping. Sleeping early will help those who are not yet experienced in dream yoga, sleeping late are for those who are adepts. Because when you sleep late you are too tired to do anything, too tired to care if you are dreaming or not.

Next you shall familiarize yourself with different postures of sleeping, which will help you remember your dreams, as well as help you to be conscious to some extent while dreaming. Those who are adept do not need these postures, they simply will to be conscious while sleeping and to remember their dreams upon waking. The purpose of learning these postures is to help you see for yourself that the body has a role to play in dreams, as well as to give you a glimpse of the astral power you are about to unravel in your dreams. These postures are for these purposes only, and must soon be neglected if any genuine progress must be made.

For the purpose of this write up only four is given and they are;

  • Lie flat on your back, legs wide apart, arms wide apart, shoulder level.
  • Lie flat on your back, both hands resting on your abdominal plexus, your head  facing up.
  • Lie on the left side of your body, with your right and left hand underneath your face.
  • Lie on your tummy, your head facing left, while your two hands are underneath your head, your palms should be downwards on your bed.

Remember that this is just to help you have a glimpse, for the real secret of dream yoga lies in contemplating your dreams upon waking, it is that simple. By waking I do not mean you getting up, drinking some water and then sitting down to remember all you dreamt about and writing them down. What I mean to say is for you to;

  • Remain still on your bed, eyes closed, while you replay all that you dreamt about.
  • Do not let any other thought come in your mind, your mind must be one pointed only on the objective at hand.
  • Next, you must imagine favourable outcomes of the dreams, as you want them to be.
  • You must try to change the appearances of the images you dreamt about.
  • You must imagine yourself overcoming all obstacles you encountered in your dreams.

By doing this over and over and in many days, a time will come when effortlessly you begin to realize that you can remember your dreams and that you have absolute control of the outcomes in your dreams. Why is that? because you have developed the muscles of your mind. This new part of you that is able to control these dreams do so, because you have developed a body that is fully functional in the dream world. A dream body armed with the power to function in its own world.

Now where are those who think they are overburdened by a Succubus or Incubus? Herein lies your solution. For whenever you see yourself making out in dreams with friends, lovers, strangers, or whatever it may be. Do not despair, be of good courage and remain still in your bed and recollect with all attention. Then imagine yourself overpowering whatever it is. For the religious, you can imagine it vanishing as soon as you call a powerful name you believe in.  Overtime, as you keep at it, you shall find that you are able to do this in your dreams effortlessly.

This is the secret of secrets; all other practice of dream yoga are short cuts and desire for quick results without lasting power.  For now, I cannot go further into deeper arts of dream yoga but must leave the readers with a warning; All excesses will always be a disease, we must remember the middle ground in all things. By middle ground I mean, we must find a balance in all things. Therefore, we cannot dream yoga every night, for when we do it becomes an attachment and a stumbling block. I have never heard any expert on dream yoga give these warnings, but I must if I am to retain the light that is in me. For when we dream yoga, we exert our will, and prevent the light of intuition from the universe from overwhelming us.

Excerpt from The Secret Diary of a Metaphysician by Sebastian Enukorah. Buy the book here

© Sebastian Enukorah..

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