The purpose of everything

There is a logical sequence behind every existing thing. Yes, there is an invisible brain, a universal mind and intelligence that controls both the active and inactive; and yes, there is a master plan, a universal blueprint upon which everything existing came into life. But no, there is nothing random about existence.

                                                  “Numbers are the foundations,   

                                                      Shapes are the structures,

                                            and Sound or Words vibrate them to life.

                                     Such is the principle underlying all existence.”      Sebastian Enukorah

Look around you there are numbers, shapes and vibrations everywhere. If the universe with all the planetary bodies within it, including the earth obey numbers by revolving in a systematic way, who then dares to question the invisible intelligence behind all existence? If man obeyed numbers by using a guide they call calendar and clock, to understand how man must come and how man must go, it only shows that man recognizes this invisible intelligence.

If there was no shape then there will be no form, and everything will be formless. If there was no vibration, then nothing will ever be active. If there was no purpose to everything, then everything will be without purpose, and the earth will be formless and static, and man will never breathe, eat, procreate, walk or sleep.

But what is the purpose of everything? the curious and impatient reader will ask. The purpose of everything is nothing, but that we should “Evolve and not Devolve”. To evolve is to move from one point to another in a progressive way. For this reason, a man must be a living being in the shape of a human, in vibration he must breathe and become active, and in numbers he must evolve from an infant to an old man, and he must inevitably multiply. Upon his death, he shall take up a new form, which is in the form of light and energy and must evolve or vibrate into higher realms of light.

By evolution, we do not mean the Darwinian theory of evolution. No, for he stressed on biological evolution, which only but limits a man. What we are saying is a theory of metaphysical evolution, which when a man has mastered, the biological evolution has no other option but to follow through. An evolved man is evolved also in his imaginations, desires, thoughts, emotions and fears. let’s not forget, morals.

Do you not know that the internal rule the external? The mind, the emotions, the imaginations of a man must evolve progressively, for these three are powerful forces that rule a man’s internal world. If the internal is not important, why is it that the internal organs in a man are protected by his body? When a man has mastered his internal world, and has evolved completely, his internal organs evolve as well. Many dread diabetes, but science has failed to identify internal anxiety as one of its causes. Many quiver when they hear of heart attacks, but only a few know that many years of their daily anxiety has led to this problem.

Find a man who has evolved metaphysically, then you have found a man whose internal organs are evolved as well.  When he procreates, his seed becomes a refined being just like he is. There is no need to be confused at this saying; for the seed of  apple when planted cannot grow thorns.

If the purpose of everything is to evolve and not devolve, then man must first evolve and after he has evolved, he must then help his fellow man to evolve. It is for this reason, all religion continues to preach the concept of love. For love is the master key, it unlocks everything.

Look around you everything evolves, even the universe and the earth is constantly evolving. When anything is not evolving, but rather devolving, the invisible intelligence behind everything will create a balance by rooting it off. Be it man, be it the earth, be it anything, when the imbalance is excessive, the invisible intelligence will create chaos in other to bring back harmony; the chaos being the end, and harmony being the new beginning of evolution.

Why do you think most religion talk about the end of days and the new beginning to follow? Do not presume to laugh at these sayings or laugh at those who find the religious end of days credulous. Yes, maybe you may chuckle at some of the religious descriptions of colorful horses descending from heaven, but direct your laughter to those who read it only literally; for these sayings are only in allegory.

Many say, it’s been many years we hear about the end of days, in reply I say to them; it’s been many years and you are yet to die. But soon, like a thief in the night, death will come to us all.  Between you and the earth who is older, and who has a mortal body? Will it not take a longer time for the demise of the earth, compared to a mortal body. Ohh… shallow thinker. Where is your head, is it in your bosom or on its throne?

Excerpt from The Secret Diary of a Metaphysician by Sebastian Enukorah. Buy the book here

© Sebastian Enukorah

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