The body double; myth or fact?

Many have never heard the word; “body double.” For some, they know about it, but have never truly understood it. Many others question its reality, they want to know how best it can be proven scientifically.  For all these many reasons, we ask if it is a myth or fact. Science must accept that not all things can be proven scientifically, for science is not the answer to everything. Before science, there was.

What is the body double? Firstly, it is not a physical body, it is an energy body. It cannot be touched with the hand, and cannot seen with the visible eyes. However, it can be felt and can be seen by an inner eye and sense.

The senses of the physical body, can be felt by this body double because it has senses like the physical body. But unlike the physical body where the senses have a particular focus on the organs that control them, the senses of the body double are everywhere within the energy body.

Often times we hear people talk about an energy field round the body, what do you think this energy field is? Science agrees there is an energy field, but what they can’t understand is how can this energy filed be an independent body.

Here is the truth, this body can be made to act separately from the human body and it can be nurtured like a mother nurtures her baby, but this is not the focus of this work. For this separation of the body double belongs to a separate art, which is not suitable for our discussion here.

Let us turn our attention to other names given to this body by those who understand its nature. It has been called the etheric body by some, vital and subtle by others, diamond and rainbow body by the alchemist, the religious call it spiritual body. This body double is the focus of all spiritualism, and religious practice. They emphasize on how to grow this body, and how to nurture it and ensure that it remains awaken. For it to be awakened, means that it has within it the essence of the universe, and it is in harmony with it. When it is in harmony with the universe, it becomes intelligible.  When this happens, there seems to be a rush of sudden intuition, and a man to whom his body double has awakened is said to possess some special abilities; From clairvoyance, telepathy, to clairaudience and many others.

When a man has an out of body experience, what walks around within his room in panic and confusion? His physical body or his body double? When a man sees himself in dream land, what speaks, hears, and walks in the shadows of the dream?

When the body double is awakened, the gap between dream and the physical life is eliminated. The man becomes conscious in his sleep and conscious in the waking state.

When a man has developed clairvoyance abilities as a result of awakened double body, such a man can see the double body as if he was looking at a man. If he looks at his physical hand, he will see an energy field surrounding it, and this energy may alternate from one colour to the other depending on the man’s mental or emotional state. Herein is the idea of the concept of the aura, often depicted in images of sages, shown as an arc over their heads.

Where is the scientist who wants to validate this truth, let him develop his inner eyes. When he has developed it sufficiently enough, he would see for himself that not all things are seen with physical apparatus. If they agree that the earth has a magnetic field and some universal intelligence to it, which automates its external and internal activities; how then is it that man, having great intelligence and living within this same earth, not have an internal body of light that can as well be made intelligible and lucid by his will or the will of the universe. This body double therefore has within it, something human and something divine.

Excerpt from The Secret Diary of a Metaphysician by Sebastian Enukorah. Buy the book here

© Sebastian Enukorah

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