Intensity and Persistence

When you desire, you awaken a force, but for it to be a moving force it needs to have some intensity and persistence to it. This can be done through Imagination. What happens during imagination is that you give life to that which you desire to accomplish. But many have very poor imaginative mind. To imagine is quite a difficult task for them, and they find it surprising how people can imagine every detail of what they wish to accomplish. Many others imagine, but the images and pictures they call up in their mental plane are scanty. True power of imagination, is that which cannot only see images, but these images have colours, and can be made to move at will in the mental plane.

The power of imagination increases the intensity of the desire and when this imagination is repeated over and over, you are applying the power of persistence until the desire is achieved. When you are able to persist in your imaginations, you develop a will power to persist even in your day to day activities. Through persistence, a great deal can be achieved. It is true what they say that when a fool persists in his folly, he may one day become wise.

There is nothing secret about these laws; we only are blind to it. When you plant a seed into the ground, it requires the sun and water to grow. The sun does not shine once and stop, it shines daily, and as a result the plant grows. This is how the power of persistence works. In all that we do, including our imaginations, we must persist until we achieve that which we desire.

We must remember that when I say desire, I do not mean desire for selfish interest and outrageous passions. I repeat again, and tirelessly that these types of desires lead to destruction and imbalances within the body, as earlier explained. The desire I speak of, is desire without attachments. When you desire for self-interest, you are attached to that which you desire, when you desire without attachment you are willing to let go of that which you desire at any time, and it is therefore not desired for self.

When desire becomes not for self, you become its master, and it will answer your call every time when you summon it. Many who have applied the laws of attraction and other laws have failed or when they achieved their desire, they are caught up in a web of their own making because they desired for self. The self comes with pride, envy, gluttony, greed, and these are thorns that come with the self. You seek to attract and you fail because you seek for your own gratification.  You seek and find, only because you seek without attachment, and you intend to serve, through love. Therefore, in applying the power of imagination, intensity and persistence, the self must be completely removed from it.

How then can one improve his imagination? asked the great thinker as he reads. He who must improve his imagination, must begin slowly. He must start to imagine in his mind the smallest things, and switch to bigger things as he advances and improves.

He can start by picking up a ball, and study its futures. Then drop the ball and try to imagine in his mind’s eyes the details of all that he has seen, except the colours. Repeat over and over until you are able to imagine all its details completely. Then switch to something more complicated. When you have attained great improvements, begin to imagine the colours, then learn to apply features that you do not see on the object.

Create your own features, create your own colours. Only after great success in all these attempts, will you focus on how to make the images move in your mind. You can stand on your street, and focus on a moving car and its details. Close your eyes and imagine this car, and how it moves from one point to another.

The artist and painter are two people who use the power of imagination to achieve a great deal. They see the image in their minds eye and may often see the complete work first in their mind before bringing it into the physical.

He who must apply this law, must first remove the self, and then use the power of his imagination to see from the start until the end the thing which he desires. He must persist with increased intensity, adjusting and improving the images until the desire is accomplished. When accomplished, he must detach completely from it. The desire accomplished must never have a link to him, his imaginations about it shall be severed, and he must not be overly excited about his accomplishments, and when he loses all what he has achieved, he must maintain same inner poise and balance as when he first achieved it.

Excerpt from The Blueprint Imprinted in the Great Light.

© Sebastian Enukorah

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