“The bleeding heaven”

There are many heavens as many will agree. Some believe there are seven, others say there are three. While none of them are wrong, the only difference being that the seven types of heaven are only but a further break down of the three heavens. However, very few would agree that there is a heaven that bleeds nonstop; a heaven where sorrow, and anguish never ends. This is not hell as many would think, for there is nothing heaven in hell. Continue reading ““The bleeding heaven””


*The Two Pillars of Evolution; Virtues and Vices.*

Nature has its laws and one of these fundamental laws is the law of opposites. A law that centers on two contrary forces that antagonize one another. We find this law playing out between the sun and the moon, we find it in seasons, we find it man and woman, we find it even in life and death. Let us turn our attention now to the opposite forces of virtues and vices. He who desires to learn more on the law of opposites will find useful resources on it, under the heading fundamental laws of the universe.

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The way of consciousness

There is no denying that consciousness plays a very important role in humans, but we find consciousness in animals and plants as well.  However, very few will agree that the sun, the earth and the universe is conscious as well. A curious reader would ask, “how can the sun or universe be conscious?”

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The purpose of everything

There is a logical sequence behind every existing thing. Yes, there is an invisible brain, a universal mind and intelligence that controls both the active and inactive; and yes, there is a master plan, a universal blueprint upon which everything existing came into life. But no, there is nothing random about existence. Continue reading “The purpose of everything”


“Spirituality and The Central Nervous System”

We often say spirituality is a race for those who believe in that which cannot be seen. While everyone has the freewill to believe what they want to believe, but have we ever considered, that maybe, that which is seen proceeds from that which is not seen. If only we had a way to look at things differently, maybe we all may see that which is hidden.

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