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The power of Believe

If only we understand the power of believe,

We would be anything our minds can imagine.

To be, is to be present and aware.

It is the NOW, that is breathing with power.

Not the forgotten past or distance future.

To be is to become and to become is to be.

Walk like a king,

And a king you shall be in your own kingdom.

Create in yourself that which you desire to see in the world without.

And when you have sufficiently created it within yourself,

Wait patiently and you shall be living it soon enough.

For to be, is to live, and in it is power.

Yet many find it very difficult to “believe”.

They never be, and they never ever truly live.

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Sophia and Scarlet; Wisdom of the heart and eyes

Ohh Sophia, why do you hide your face from men.

Many have sacrificed everything, just to behold your fair beauty,

And drink from your golden chalice but you flee from them all the time.

You attract and reveal yourself only to men,

Who genuinely seek truth in the inwards of their hearts.

For you are not like scarlet, your younger sister, whose talent is to enslave.

She prostitutes herself to all men. Engaging their purple colored eyes,

To all sorts of pleasure, that leads to sorrow.

Blinding them to see truth, only with their bleeding purple eyes.

Make haste fairest of them all, for I long for you.

For your sister, strives to enchant me with her magic.

I invite you to my bedchamber, where we may commune in quite bliss,

And drink from your golden chalice of truth.

Ohh what a great union in holy matrimony it is to be with you.

I beseech you Sophia, fairest of all women,

To never leave my side, for in you is length of days,

Peace of mind, joy ever lasting.

For I am yours and you are mine,

Now and forever.


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When love given is love returned.

Love nourishes itself with love.

Every kiss, is milk suckled,

Every caress, is thirst quenched,

What satisfaction we find,

When love given, is love returned.

How fulfilling life would be,

When love so elusive, is found not wanting.

Neither drugs nor fluids is what we need in order to live,

But a complete knowledge of YOU and ME; which is love.

For your cells and mine, are nourished with love.

Yet, nothing nourishes love,

But love nourishes itself with love.

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Treasures in Jars of Clay.

I know a place not so far away,

A place where treasures are found.

An Armageddon; a battle field for gods and demons

A brooding place for life and death,

A place where fortresses are built and conquered.

A place where an invisible artist dwells,

And uses the physical world as its canvas.

A place when silent, can reach the most distant thoughts,

And reveal the greatest of secrets.

A place, a place where only few can discern.