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“A Wish in a Dish”

A wish in a dream

A distant thought without form, was all it was.

A force I can’t run from, hunting me from distance dark.

Too weak to materialize, too weak to be anything.

A wish, a wish, to be your king

A wish to find you a ring, was all it was.

At first it was all a wish

But now it’s all in a dish.

Pangs of hunger I endured, all in the name of love.

I drooled for years and wished I ruled your love forever.

But now your love I steer in a dish.

© Sebastian Enukorah..

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Quotes & Poems

” The Great Instructor”

Let he one who cannot see, never say it’s not there.

Let he who cannot hear, never say there are no whispers.

Let he who seeks to know the truth, never say he cannot find it.

Let him walk in the hall of knowledge and wisdom,

From the brooks so eternal, let him drink to his fill.

In the darkness, let him stand and wait for the light in the tunnel,

Ever watchful, never slothful.

Look to your soul ohh seeker, for all that is hidden from you,

For there lies the Great Instructor.

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© Sebastian Enukorah..