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Myth or Fact? ; The talking palm

There are many who find it strange that there are ancient arts which reveal that which is concealed from the ordinary man. The knowledge of these things come natural to some, while others may need to learn diligently through an old or replicated manuscript. Nature has a way of revealing things, and yet concealing them at the same time. Around us are vital signs left for our benefit by nature. These signs being difficult to decipher, makes it very valuable; if all of humanity should understand it, then of what value is it?

The palm of the hand and all its markings remain still a mystery to many, but the ancient knew that the palm though may seem silent, yet speaks a thousand words, reveals a thousand sign, and a thousand secret about the bearer of the palm.

The curious reader will ask for explanations to why the palm of the hand has all these markings, whence and how did they come about. To this I will answer; within man are very active nerve currents which terminate within the body in high concentration at points where there are excessive activities; like the brain, and heart. Apart from the heart and brain, we find excess activity with the hand, because man uses his hands almost every time. Even a when man is not using it to write, eat, drive, and demonstrate, he is using to caress, hold and give a helping hand.  If one looks intently at the patterns made by the markings in the palm, one cannot help but see the truth herein stated, that these markings are but nerve currents from the body.

The lines going up the palm towards the fingers are ascending nerve currents, those across the palm in a diagonal pattern are from the bones or joints supporting the fingers at the base. And those markings like rings on the fingers are nothing but markings as a result of the nuts or joints in the fingers.

There are different types of hands: the earth, air, fire and water hands and each with different types of fingers. No palm is alike, all markings are different for every man. No fingers are completely alike, differences exist in all fingers if only we take the time to notice. The art of studying the palm of the hand is called chiromancy or palmistry, and many are the religious who shy away from discussions of this nature, but deep down within them their soul thirst for this type of knowledge. While I respect that, those who are a little open minded, and are inquisitive enough may find valuable information from the art of the talking palm

Imagine being told that the marks on your palms are continually changing. Imagine looking at your palm many years later from today, and realize that the marks on your palm are getting thinner. Imagine looking at the lines on your palm to see them gradually vanish before your eyes. Imagine looking at the palm of your hands which was initially smooth with few marks, and finding many other strange marks running over the palm of your hand like marks drawn on the battle field by struggling legs and dying bodies.

Many skeptics who upon taking a picture of both palms of their hand, and looking at this picture several years later, find that the marks on the palm of the hand in the current year has changed from that which is on the picture.  They become startled and begin to consider, that may be, there could be some truth to this ancient art of palmistry.

But what are the benefits from this art, the curious reader would ask. The benefits are enormous but are not limited to these;

  1. It reveals how much imagination and creativity the bearer has. It also reveals how practical he is.
  2. One can learn how ambitious one is, and how much leadership qualities he may possess.
  3. It tells you the extent of brightness, liveliness, and glumness of the bearer.
  4. You can learn about how much communication skills you possess.
  5. It reveals how much will power and logic the bearer has.
  6. It reveals the bearer’s inclination to spirituality.
  7. Through this art, one can learn about the extent of his emotions, passion, anger, aggression, courage and strength.
  8. It reveals one’s talent especially for those who are artistic.
  9. It reveals fame, wealth, loss, gain, delays and progress. And yes, it may reveal death.
  10. To those who are interested in love, it tells you about your compatibility with your partner. Palms with almost similar markings of “major lines” means that the two bearers are easily comparable.
  11. Most importantly it reveals approximate time lines to events in the bearer’s life. From the age the bearer is likely to get married, and when if there may be a divorce. In some hands it may reveal the numbers of children the bearer may have. This is true especially for women. It also reveals if there will be difficulty in child birth and therefore the bearer is forewarned.

These are not all there is to know, but it surely gives the reader an idea of what these ancient art reveals to the seeker.  Let he who desires to know first start by looking at his left palm before looking at his right, that is, if he is right handed; for the left palm is what was or what was meant to be, while that which is on the right palm reveals what has changed and what may likely be in the future. It is however vice versa if he is left handed.

Learn to talk to your palm, and may be some day it may talk back to you.  If you want a free read on your palm, write the author directly through his contact on his website and he shall reply all your questions.

Excerpt from The Secret Diary of a Metaphysician by Sebastian Enukorah. Buy the book here

© Sebastian Enukorah..



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