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A big thank you !! My first Royalty Payment..

A big thank you to those who have bought and are still buying the Secret diary of a Metaphysician. My first Royalty payment was just made, and i thank you all. Especially, my Asian readers, who make over 70% of sales. Thank you, Thank you.


The Secret Diary of a Metaphysician by Sebastian Enukorah. Buy the book here

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“Alchemy of the soul” The Secret

The one true alchemy, the alchemy of the soul.

Into thy laboratorium and there the work must commence.

Bring not with you so many chemicals,

For all you need is Mercury, Sulphur and Salt, but let fire suffice thee.

For nothing can be done without this burning fire.

Begin now to separate the earth from the fire,

the subtle from the gross with great industry.

Gently and persistently, it rises from earth to heaven,

And again, it descends to earth in glory.

And receives the power of things above and of things below.

By addition, subtraction and multiplication, the great work is complete.

For now you behold the peacock’s tail dancing, in it’s charming abode.

You have now found the universal medicine,

The elusive philosophical stone.

Change now that which you may into Gold ohh great alchemist

For thou now possess the key for things above and of things below.

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*The Depth of Grief* What nobody ever says about grief.

My thoughts like shackles, they refrain me from living.

My fears and worries, my flesh they eat.

My bones they dry up, my blood they suck.

How deep will you dig, into my very being,

How long will you dig to the dept of my essence.

Slowly but surely you drag me to the grave,

My will you have broken,

My restraint you have taken from me.

What’s left of me is nothing, but grief, grief, grief.

When will you let go of these fetters you cast on me

Until my last breath,

I heard you whisper to me.