“The bleeding heaven”

There are many heavens as many will agree. Some believe there are seven, others say there are three. While none of them are wrong, the only difference being that the seven types of heaven are only but a further break down of the three heavens. However, very few would agree that there is a heaven that bleeds nonstop; a heaven where sorrow, and anguish never ends. This is not hell as many would think, for there is nothing heaven in hell. Continue reading ““The bleeding heaven””


” When Blood Speaks”

Many say the soul of man is in some part of his body, others say the soul is in the spirit and that the spirit is in man. But where in man is the spirit? Let us reflect on this for a while, let the deep thinker within us all awaken for just a moment.  Any flash of intuition as to what part of man the spirit may be?

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