“Silent whispers from the universe”

There are many who can take the pain to count the stars, but there are very few who try to listen to the silent whispers from the universe, because they are too busy with their daily lives that they forget to listen. When man is engrossed with thoughts about life, his mental plane become preoccupied with unrefined thoughts. Thereby blocking any possibility of an external influence penetrating the man and giving him a fresh wave of inspiration.  Such a man when he has retired at night, will replicate his waking busy life in his dream. Continue reading ““Silent whispers from the universe””


“The Nature of Truth”

If one could contemplate truth, one will find that it is all encompassing. Truth is awakened reason, it is the light in everything. Truth is the dividing line between being aware and being lost. Truth is love, and he who knows love knows truth. For there is but one religion, and that religion is truth.

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“The Secret Diary of a Metaphysician”

The era of accepting dogmas without questioning every one of them is vanishing, the era of religious blind fate is passing, and the era of universal awakening and enlightenment has come upon us. Within this book, you shall find many of these questions answered with metaphysical solutions, never ever been revealed before.

Do you have questions about metaphysics? Do you have questions about the power of the human mind; telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience and many more? Do you have questions about the power of dreams and dream yoga? Do you have questions about why the law of attraction fails to work most times? Do you have questions about the phenomenon of spirit husband and wife?  Buy the book here…

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The dust of life & the mirror of the mind

Like a mirror, the mind draws to itself the dust of life.

The reflection in the mirror of your mind, is a reflection on your body, and life.

Nothing can trouble you in life more than your own thoughts.

Nothing can break you and make you more than your own thoughts.

Therefore, let us learn to renew our minds in silence every morning and night.


Quote by Sebastian Enukorah.