“Psychology of the Abdominal Brain”

It is well known that the brain is in the head, yet few psychologists are beginning to agree that there is a second brain. While there are millions of cells in this so-called abdominal brain, many argue as to why it should be called a brain. Let’s call it whatever we may, I prefer to call it the solar plexus, and it is the psychology of it that we are interested in and how it is different from the brain in its function. One cannot liken both the brain and solar plexus together, since the brain is a part of the central nervous system, while the solar plexus is part of the sympathetic nervous system.

This solar plexus is the seat of power for the lower body, while the brain has its throne above. Many mystics agree that it is the feeling center of the body, for it governs man’s emotions. We often hear people say, I have a gut feeling about it, this is the nature of the solar plexus to warn through feelings and emotions.  Many mystics say it controls the subconscious, an at night,  it speaks through images to the dreaming man.

In most men, it is very positive, while their brains are negative.  The proper balance between the brain and the solar plexus is that the latter should be transmuted and made negative, while the brain should be made positive. When this happens, both organs work as one, and within the man’s body who has been able to create this balance, you find tremendous power and energy. It may seem as though the man has super human powers, but this is not the case. He only understands the laws of nature, which he diligently and persistently applied to his life.

If the religious amongst us should find the emotional power of the solar plexus strange, they should try and listen to it more, and that way they may find the truth. However, the Christians should look in their religious text where they would find the saying; my reins instruct me at night. Maybe that will help in conferring understanding.

When there is an imbalance in the solar plexus, then the abdominal region will suffer with different ailment. The kidneys, as well as the liver will weaken, diabetes is most likely to ensue.

There are men who understand the psychology of the solar plexus and have been able to consciously create a positive communication and control over it and by doing so, reap great benefits. Why don’t you begin to today to pay attention to your solar plexus, then maybe someday, you shall understand the psychology of it.

© Sebastian Enukorah..


“Deciphering the Spirit, Body and Soul”

Many are left with many unanswered questions when they hear the concept of soul, spirit and body. Others who think they understand it never really do. Majority of us however, understand what the body is, while the spirit and soul remain elusive. The reason being that we can see and touch the body, but we cannot touch or see the spirit and soul. It is not that the spirit and soul is not there for us to see or feel, the problem is that we do not know how to see or feel it. Yet there are few clairvoyant men and women who know how to. Continue reading ““Deciphering the Spirit, Body and Soul””


“Spirituality and The Central Nervous System”

We often say spirituality is a race for those who believe in that which cannot be seen. While everyone has the freewill to believe what they want to believe, but have we ever considered, that maybe, that which is seen proceeds from that which is not seen. If only we had a way to look at things differently, maybe we all may see that which is hidden.  If man could see what goes on within a man’s brain when he is spiritualized, then maybe humanity would take spirituality a little more seriously. This we leave to the curiosity of science to find a way someday in the future to examine the brain of one who is in spiritual ecstasy, then maybe humanity will wake up from this long slumber and take to heart, that, which is but their birth right. Continue reading ““Spirituality and The Central Nervous System””

Quotes & Poems

Sophia and Scarlet; Wisdom of the heart and eyes

Ohh Sophia, why do you hide your face from men.

Many have sacrificed everything, just to behold your fair beauty,

And drink from your golden chalice but you flee from them all the time.

You attract and reveal yourself only to men,

Who genuinely seek truth in the inwards of their hearts.

For you are not like scarlet, your younger sister, whose talent is to enslave.

She prostitutes herself to all men. Engaging their purple colored eyes,

To all sorts of pleasure, that leads to sorrow.

Blinding them to see truth, only with their bleeding purple eyes.

Make haste fairest of them all, for I long for you.

For your sister, strives to enchant me with her magic.

I invite you to my bedchamber, where we may commune in quite bliss,

And drink from your golden chalice of truth.

Ohh what a great union in holy matrimony it is to be with you.

I beseech you Sophia, fairest of all women,

To never leave my side, for in you is length of days,

Peace of mind, joy ever lasting.

For I am yours and you are mine,

Now and forever.