“Deciphering the Spirit, Body and Soul”

Many are left with many unanswered questions when they hear the concept of soul, spirit and body. Others who think they understand it never really do. Majority of us however, understand what the body is, while the spirit and soul remain elusive. The reason being that we can see and touch the body, but we cannot touch or see the spirit and soul. It is not that the spirit and soul is not there for us to see or feel, the problem is that we do not know how to see or feel it. Yet there are few clairvoyant men and women who know how to. Continue reading ““Deciphering the Spirit, Body and Soul””

The Gift of the Mind

The Essence of Clairvoyance

Everyone desires to have some certain powers, but not everyone questions the consequence of such a power. Power should never be given to anyone who doesn’t deserve it, for if a man is profane, then certainly the power he holds shall be profaned.  For this reason, the ancient wise men, advised that man must first “Know thyself” before he enters the quest for power.

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