“Harnessing your Vital and Subtle Energy”

There is a vital and subtle energy in man that enlivens his physical body. This energy is a product of the primal spirit from which everything matter is given form. This primal spirit is connected to the sun, and to everything in the universe. When Einstein said; everything is energy. It is of this primal spirit he speaks of.

Listen dear reader, and do not pass this saying without deep ponder. Within you is an enormous power, and that power is what enlivens and nourishes your physical body. This power has both a feminine and masculine principle. It moves in a swirling motion, this is why most drawings depict it in as having a circular shape. When one looks at the martial artist, one sees him move his hands in circular motion. It is his vital energy that he is trying to control.  It is this power many have given various names like chi, as well as yin and yang.  These yin and yang forces are opposites, and yet they must balance as the fundamental laws of the universe declares.

These vital and subtle energy in man has gates from which it escapes from. There are nine gates in man from which these energies escape from. In most men, these vital energy escapes mostly from the two last gates. Many inquisitive readers what to know what these gates are, but we shall explain that in a separate discussion.

When a man is focused on the external, this vital energy is stirred and an imbalance between the feminine and the masculine energy ensues. When this happens over a long time, the man begins to fall sick and the doctors will say his immune system is down. If the man should persist in his folly, soon his vital organs will begin to wane, and then it becomes impossible to reverse the damage done.

However, if a man’s focus is within, this vital energy is prevented from escaping out of the nine gates, and the man retains his vital and subtle energy. The man is filled with power and strength, and his immune system never wanes. It is true that man cannot stop his eyes from seeing, or his ears from hearing, but a man can stop his heart from engaging in what he has seen or heard. It may seem difficult at first, but it is possible. The heart is the center of consciousness, and every perturbation of the mind depletes this vital energy.

There are numerous benefits that comes from harnessing your vital energy and they include but not limited to these;

  1. The man develops the power of fascination. When people meet him, they are drawn to him with little or no effort from him. What speaks for you even before you introduce yourself? love, envy, charm, greed, fear, weakness, power or strength. These subtle energies are louder than the words from our mouth, and they are very powerful.
  2. His mental influence becomes exceedingly high. His thoughts can travel to far distances, and can communicate with those near or far to a great degree.
  3. An excellent immune system that prevents him from falling sick. It is a lie when people say they never fall sick. The body cannot stop bacteria or virus from getting it, but it can stop it from taking hold of the body. Therefore, the man feels changes in his body, but soon realizes that he feels better. Over time as he masters his inner life, he will begin to know when the body is trying to deflate any foreign invader.
  4. His dream life becomes more animated and controlled. He can influence the images that appear in his dream and upon waking will remember clearly what he has dreamt about. There ceases to be a difference between dream and waking state. At this stage the man is believed to never dream again, for his ever conscious in his sleep.
  5. He develops a fountain of youth, and his body retains vigor and strength.
  6. He becomes the law of attraction himself. He becomes the master, and the universe will be at his service to answer his callings always. To desire a thing is to have it already; Here in, lies the key to the law of attraction and manifestation.

What are you waiting for? Begin today to harness these vital energies in you and begin to realize the wonders buried deep within you. For there is a star, universe and treasures of gold in everyone, the only problem is that many do not know how to successfully seek it.

Excerpt from The Secret Diary of a Metaphysician by Sebastian Enukorah. Buy the book here

© Sebastian Enukorah..


The Science of Mindfulness

When many use the term consciousness, they use it only superficially. There is a deeper meaning to it, for in consciousness everything that existed vibrated to life. There is a vital spirit or universal energy that permeates and animates everything from the universe all the way down to earth and within man as well. This vital spirit can be said to be conscious for in it we find intelligence. Continue reading “The Science of Mindfulness”


“Your Thoughts are Astral beings.”

Many of us engage in our daily activity, thinking while we at it. For some it has become a way of life to think all the time. Some believe its human, its a way of life for them.
While thinking may be part of human nature, we must try to separate the subtle thought from the coarse thought. There is a fine line between the right kind of thought and negative thought, while the negative thought creates imbalance in the body, the positive thought awakens the body and gives it the needed vitality.

You don’t need any scientist or a great philosopher to enlighten you on this.Take a good look at yourself, how do you feel when you are disturbed about something? How do you feel when your thoughts are centered on elevating someone’s life. You can tell without doubt the impact of the two within your body.

Everything is all about energy, said the great Albert Einstein.  When he said this, he did not exempt the power of thought.

When we think about something for too long, we create a thought form, which is a concentrated force of thought. This thought form, being just an ordinary energy before, now becomes an awakened energy, having its own intelligence and power. It then seeks to fasten on the man who gave it life, feeding on his vital energy and reducing him to a puppet while the thought assumes the role of the master. This is usually the case, when a man finds it difficult to stop his thoughts from overwhelming him. How then can you call this type of thought man’s natural way of life?

When a baby is ushered into this life, was the baby overwhelmed by thought? When did the overwhelming take over? Did it not take over when our focus turned more outwards, towards materiality?

When a man sleeps at night, his thoughts during the day begin to play out in his dreams, sometimes it may not be today’s thought, it could be thoughts long forgotten which has been registered in the mental world. Such a man is left to the mercy of his thought in his dream, and no inspiration outside of himself can penetrate his dream world. His thoughts become the veil, preventing the fountain of insights and inspiration from the universe from overwhelming him. How can such a man be a SEER?

If only you can see your thoughts, how ugly do you think yours would be? At the end a man is not really his body, a man is his thought, emotion and imaginations all registered in the universal light and mind. For in truth the body perishes, but the ugly being within him which he has created remains animated in the astral world.

“They say from earth we come and to earth we return, what blatant lie is this! From light we come and to light we shall return”.

What astral being do you have buried inside of you?

Excerpt from the Secret Diary of a Metaphysician by Sebastian Enukorah.  Buy the book here