Quietude of mind…. A wonderful remedy

The religious run to the church to seek peace and God, the spiritual seek the sanctuary within, they are convinced that the only way out is within. A free mind is like a flying bird, it can reach to the inner depths of anything and uncover the secrets therein hidden. It is like an empty jar, open to receive whatever may be poured into it. It is like a blank scroll, upon which secretes are written upon, with a golden pen of light. He who must therefore develop the power of the mind must first learn to completely still his thoughts. Continue reading “Quietude of mind…. A wonderful remedy”


Evolution and its two pillars; Virtues and Vices

Nature has its laws and one of these fundamental laws is the law of opposites. A law that centers on two contrary forces that antagonize one another. We find this law playing out between the sun and the moon, we find it in seasons, we find it man and woman, we find it even in life and death. Let us turn our attention now to the opposite forces of virtues and vices. He who desires to learn more on the law of opposites will find useful resources on it, under the heading fundamental laws of the universe. Continue reading “Evolution and its two pillars; Virtues and Vices”

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A strange power buried within.

Therefore, all that man seeks,

All that he ever desires,

And all that he wants to know,

Is buried deep within him.

He only needs to align himself,

In harmony with the laws of the universe,

Then the light within him would awaken,

He only needs to find a way of calling forth this great light,

And in it, he shall read all there is, was and could ever be,

Like one reading a scroll.

© Sebastian Enukorah..




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What enlightenment is not

To be enlightened is not to sit in meditation.

To be enlightened is not to read all spiritual books and text.

To be enlightened is not to have a flash of mystical experience.

It is not to sit all day in a strange posture.

Enlightenment is not to assume the role of a teacher.

It is not written on the forehead, neither does it radiate from the eyes.

When you can see regardless if your eyes are opened or closed,

Then you are among the few enlightened beings walking on earth.

For he who is truly enlightened does not say; I am enlightened!

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The quest for enlightenment

Whence thou come from ohh enlightenment.

For you are formless, and yet arrayed in diverse of shapes and colour.

In you is silence and yet many sweet voices whispers.

You are everything and yet nothing.

The religious run to the temple to seek you.

But the spiritual seeks the sanctuary within; They are convinced that the only way out is within.