Understanding Destiny

Many of us question what destiny is, how do we know something is destined to happen. Are we living our destiny? When we die, was it predestined that we die in such a manner. The only way to know, is to understand what destiny is and why it exists in the first place.

Why should we believe in the concept of destiny? The only way to answer this question is to look at the universe and nature. If we have taken out time to contemplate about nature, we will find that there is a logical sequence to everything. There is nothing random about the way the earth rotates on its axis, or the way it moves round the sun. There is nothing random about the phases of the moon, it follows same pattern every month. There is nothing random about the rising of the sun and its setting. There is nothing random about birth, aging and death. There is a logical sequence and intelligence behind it all. This logical sequence is what destiny is.

But then there is a destiny made by man, and that orchestrated by the universe. The difference between the two lies in the will excreted. To help you understand better, here is a quote I had written that briefly explains the diving line between these two types of destiny.

“There is an electrifying strength in man, buried deep within him. A great and precious gift even few angels and planetary beings fell in search of it. That strength is man’s freewill. When used wrongly, it will strike a man down. but when harnessed, it is an uplifting and indestructible force called, will power.”  

Let me speak to the religious reader; Freewill is God’s gift to mankind, or perhaps a great curse to humanity. For if angels desired it, regardless of the consequence of falling, then it must be valuable gift. However, if this freewill is the reason man was chased out of the garden of Eden, then it is an ever-present curse in the flesh.

Every time a man exerts his freewill, that man walks on the path of destiny he has set for himself. Every time a man surrenders to the will of the universe, or allows the will of the universe to direct his own will, then that man walks on the path of destiny predestined for him.

To find out what your destiny is, you have to create a connection to the source. This source is the supply, the orchestrator of all that is without and within. When the connection is made, understanding buds. The man knows at an instant what he is destined to do. Then he can exert and direct his will to achieving this purpose. The man ceases from attempting one thing after another, his mind becomes one pointed, and nothing can sway his mind from the path at which he has entered. When a man is disconnected from this source, he tries everything he thinks about, he may after many attempts find that which he is destined to do. Why? Because nature has a way of creating a balance by itself and therefore will assist in ensuring that the man may at one point come across that which he is destined to do. If he pays attention, he will find it, if not, nature will give up after many attempts.

In the concept of death, we are all destined to die at some point and in different ways. The only way to know the way a man would die is to connect to the source and from there it may be revealed. However, because of freewill, a man can die before his time of death. His actions may alter his predestined death. Also, the actions of other men, through envy, may alter his time of death. That is, if he is not strong enough to overcome the other man’s influence.

For the religious, when a man dies, it doesn’t always mean that he has led a sinful life. He may be destined to die earlier and there is nothing the man may have done wrong. For the spiritualist, when a man dies in a terrible way, it could be his karma for the previous life he has led before this one. This is the nature of death and destiny, I have nothing more to add to it, for I do not have the luxury of detailed discussion here and now.

Excerpt from The Secret Diary of a Metaphysician by Sebastian Enukorah. Buy the book here

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