Lucid dreaming; The secret art of coloring your dream life.

It is fascinating to find that many do not have a colorful imagination. It is even more interesting to find that there are people who do not even have imaginations at all. When they read a book, they only engage the eyes and the words, no imagery light flashes in the brain. Though they may dream, when they enter the dream world but the images that appear are not so vivid and colorful. Continue reading “Lucid dreaming; The secret art of coloring your dream life.”

Quotes & Poems

“The Lost power; The feminine power of a woman.”

What power, what glory, strange power found in feminine.

You express yourself in the human mind as imagination and desire.

A force necessary for all manifestation, and all attraction.

Few express it, some embrace it.

Nothing can ever exist in nature,

Without the feminine pouring out her strength to it.

If i was a star, i be a Gemini, a dual power of yin and yang.

No feminine, no masculine. For you make the masculine, masculine.

For men sought wisdom when women had already become wise.

In the garden of Eden, Yes in this garden they showed men the way.

Winning first, the price of knowledge, while men sat in helpless wonder.

Ooh…  how i need the feminine in me to awaken,

Awaken in us all, and let the feminine power in us be born,

That we may rise in power and glory and become conquerors of nature.

© Sebastian Enukorah.


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“A man is known by his dreams.”

My weary eyes to bed I sleep.

So much void and darkness I feared the worse.

Suddenly creeping into my sleepy head,

My thoughts, my contemplation while awake.

Dancing and calling out to me,

Pulling me from one scene to the other.

My dreams, my dreams what stories are you telling this time.

An illusion or reality I fear I may never know.

Sometimes I am conscious, other times I am not.

But when I awake and remember,

That my thoughts invaded my privacy, I am convinced I invited them.

Dear dreamer, what stories are you telling this time,

About another you saw in your dreams.

Hush now, for you tell your own story,

For a man is known always by his dreams.

© Sebastian Enukorah..

Quotes & Poems

“Being Lonely and Being Alone.”

There is a veiled difference

Between being lonely and being alone.

A lonely soul is a wanderer,

Craving all the time for external stimuli,

Which consumes him and controls his thoughts, emotions and imaginations.

He is a slave as a result and therefore is never contented.

Such a man will always love for the wrong reasons.

But a soul that is alone is a master of his inner and outer life.

Observing, creating and ruling over his thoughts, emotions and imaginations.

For such a man the universe will vibrate, because he loves for the right reasons.

Aye!! he has no invading thoughts,

He therefore, is ALONE.


© Sebastian Enukorah..