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Death is not the end of duty,

Death is not the end of duty

For when death beckons,

We close our eyes in this world

Only to open them in the world of light and shadow,

Where we are confronted with a replica of the life led before

Death comes even to the religious and non-religious alike,

And not only because of a man’s sin on earth.

For we find our delight only in grace.

© Sebastian Enukorah..

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“A Wish in a Dish”

A wish in a dream

A distant thought without form, was all it was.

A force I can’t run from, hunting me from distance dark.

Too weak to materialize, too weak to be anything.

A wish, a wish, to be your king

A wish to find you a ring, was all it was.

At first it was all a wish

But now it’s all in a dish.

Pangs of hunger I endured, all in the name of love.

I drooled for years and wished I ruled your love forever.

But now your love I steer in a dish.

© Sebastian Enukorah..

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*Swayed like puppets*

Soon the new of which we are excited becomes the old, and the old becomes the new. A constant battle between hate and love, between joy and sadness, ambition and slothfulness, depression and cheerfulness, life and death.

Everyday we are helpless as we swing like a pendulum,

We never know when to stop.

At the end they are just two opposite end of one force, the only difference is us being swayed like puppets from one end of the pole to the other.

© Sebastian Enukorah..