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“Being Lonely and Being Alone.”

There is a veiled difference

Between being lonely and being alone.

A lonely soul is a wanderer,

Craving all the time for external stimuli,

Which consumes him and controls his thoughts, emotions and imaginations.

He is a slave as a result and therefore is never contented.

Such a man will always love for the wrong reasons.

But a soul that is alone is a master of his inner and outer life.

Observing, creating and ruling over his thoughts, emotions and imaginations.

For such a man the universe will vibrate, because he loves for the right reasons.

Aye!! he has no invading thoughts,

He therefore, is ALONE.


© Sebastian Enukorah..




Quotes & Poems

The power of Believe

If only we understand the power of believe,

We would be anything our minds can imagine.

To be, is to be present and aware.

It is the NOW, that is breathing with power.

Not the forgotten past or distance future.

To be is to become and to become is to be.

Walk like a king,

And a king you shall be in your own kingdom.

Create in yourself that which you desire to see in the world without.

And when you have sufficiently created it within yourself,

Wait patiently and you shall be living it soon enough.

For to be, is to live, and in it is power.

Yet many find it very difficult to “believe”.

They never be, and they never ever truly live.

Quotes & Poems

*The Depth of Grief* What nobody ever says about grief.

My thoughts like shackles, they refrain me from living.

My fears and worries, my flesh they eat.

My bones they dry up, my blood they suck.

How deep will you dig, into my very being,

How long will you dig to the dept of my essence.

Slowly but surely you drag me to the grave,

My will you have broken,

My restraint you have taken from me.

What’s left of me is nothing, but grief, grief, grief.

When will you let go of these fetters you cast on me

Until my last breath,

I heard you whisper to me.