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“A Wish in a Dish”

A wish in a dream

A distant thought without form, was all it was.

A force I can’t run from, hunting me from distance dark.

Too weak to materialize, too weak to be anything.

A wish, a wish, to be your king

A wish to find you a ring, was all it was.

At first it was all a wish

But now it’s all in a dish.

Pangs of hunger I endured, all in the name of love.

I drooled for years and wished I ruled your love forever.

But now your love I steer in a dish.

© Sebastian Enukorah..

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“The Secret Diary of a Metaphysician”

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“Spirituality and The Central Nervous System”

We often say spirituality is a race for those who believe in that which cannot be seen. While everyone has the freewill to believe what they want to believe, but have we ever considered, that maybe, that which is seen proceeds from that which is not seen. If only we had a way to look at things differently, maybe we all may see that which is hidden.  If man could see what goes on within a man’s brain when he is spiritualized, then maybe humanity would take spirituality a little more seriously. This we leave to the curiosity of science to find a way someday in the future to examine the brain of one who is in spiritual ecstasy, then maybe humanity will wake up from this long slumber and take to heart, that, which is but their birth right. Continue reading ““Spirituality and The Central Nervous System””

Quotes & Poems

When love given is love returned.

Love nourishes itself with love.

Every kiss, is milk suckled,

Every caress, is thirst quenched,

What satisfaction we find,

When love given, is love returned.

How fulfilling life would be,

When love so elusive, is found not wanting.

Neither drugs nor fluids is what we need in order to live,

But a complete knowledge of YOU and ME; which is love.

For your cells and mine, are nourished with love.

Yet, nothing nourishes love,

But love nourishes itself with love.