The ancient art of autosuggestion.

The ancient had raw information compared to this modern age. Raw because, before materiality shrouded man’s insight, the ancients easily were able to merge with the soul of the universe where they derived first-hand knowledge of anything their minds had premeditated upon. The few who do not have this proximity with the universe were handed this universal knowledge by the enlightened through the word of mouth.

In this present age, referred by many as the new age, this universal knowledge which formerly was kept secret, is spreading like wild fire. One of these ancient secrets now popularly known in this new age is called Autosuggestion.

To autosuggest is to make conscious suggestions to the mind repeatedly and if sufficient enough, can create an alternate condition for the mind. Now pause for a second, and put away the fancy name. Autosuggestion is nothing but prayers and mantras, and chants. They are all the same thing done in different ways. Sometimes it is done in a loud utterance, sometimes subtle.

It is nothing but the use of the power of words. Words have power in them, why is this so? Do you read and not question why, or you read and accept the lines you read because it sounds good?  If life started with a vibration of energy, and if breath in man is energy, and if thoughts are energy, will the words that come out of him not dance in vibrant energy, regardless if they are spoken or not?

The brain and heart are gateways to the universe, the brain responds to thoughts, and emotions. Words vibrated by emotions and thoughts can awaken the brain and the heart as well as the whole universe. This is what is meant by the power of words, emotion and thoughts is what animates it to life.

Persist patiently in whatever form of autosuggestion you choose to employ, be it prayers,  mantras or just suggestive words, and watch the universe dance to it.

Excerpt from The Secret Diary of a Metaphysician by Sebastian Enukorah. Buy the book here

© Sebastian Enukorah..