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*Swayed like puppets*

Soon the new of which we are excited becomes the old, and the old becomes the new. A constant battle between hate and love, between joy and sadness, ambition and slothfulness, depression and cheerfulness, life and death.

Everyday we are helpless as we swing like a pendulum,

We never know when to stop.

At the end they are just two opposite end of one force, the only difference is us being swayed like puppets from one end of the pole to the other.

© Sebastian Enukorah..

Quotes & Poems

“Being Lonely and Being Alone.”

There is a veiled difference

Between being lonely and being alone.

A lonely soul is a wanderer,

Craving all the time for external stimuli,

Which consumes him and controls his thoughts, emotions and imaginations.

He is a slave as a result and therefore is never contented.

Such a man will always love for the wrong reasons.

But a soul that is alone is a master of his inner and outer life.

Observing, creating and ruling over his thoughts, emotions and imaginations.

For such a man the universe will vibrate, because he loves for the right reasons.

Aye!! he has no invading thoughts,

He therefore, is ALONE.


© Sebastian Enukorah..