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Death is not the end of duty,

Death is not the end of duty

For when death beckons,

We close our eyes in this world

Only to open them in the world of light and shadow,

Where we are confronted with a replica of the life led before

Death comes even to the religious and non-religious alike,

And not only because of a man’s sin on earth.

For we find our delight only in grace.

© Sebastian Enukorah..

Quotes & Poems

The quest for enlightenment

Whence thou come from ohh enlightenment.

For you are formless, and yet arrayed in diverse of shapes and colour.

In you is silence and yet many sweet voices whispers.

You are everything and yet nothing.

The religious run to the temple to seek you.

But the spiritual seeks the sanctuary within; They are convinced that the only way out is within.

The Gift of the Mind

The Mystical Veil

We often hear the religious and spiritual talk about the illusive veil, but not many know what it is. Many of us regard it as a covering that separates the spiritual realm from the physical. While this is true, we also believe that this veil must be penetrated by man, that man must find a way to penetrate this veil, after which he shall behold that which is in the spiritual realm. But what is the nature of this Veil? what must we do to pierce through it and who can pierce it?

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