Misconception between the Soul, Spirit and body

Many are left with many unanswered questions when they hear the concept of soul, spirit and body. Others who think they understand it never really do. Majority of us however, understand what the body is, while the spirit and soul remain elusive. The reason being that we can see and touch the body, but we cannot touch or see the spirit and soul. It is not that the spirit and soul is not there for us to see or feel, the problem is that we do not know how to see or feel it. Yet there are few clairvoyant men and women who know how to.

Many religious people talk about the soul and spirit of man, but only a few of them can explain to an inquisitive man what the soul really is. Many of them have never seen a spirit, neither have they seen the abode of departed souls.  How then can one teach what he does not know? You hear may of the religious say they believe by faith. My question is, do they also teach by faith?

The truth is, faith has ever worked first by believing in things unseen. Believing in things unseen is the second phase of faith. For the key to faith lies principally in spiritual knowledge. This is why a master must appear to teach and enlighten, as evident in all religion.  One cannot have faith in Christianity if Jesus Christ did not come to teach, a Buddhist will never accept the precepts of Buddhism, if Buddha did not come to teach it. Muslims will not have faith in their method of bending to the east to pray if Mohammed did not impact spiritual knowledge. One thing all of these masters and teachers had in common is that they taught with spiritual knowledge and not by faith. When one has spiritual knowledge, then one works from a position of power and strength, from which faith is anchored.

What then is the soul of man? A man’s soul is his light body or energy body, it is a man’s true universal identity and his connection to realms above the earthly realm. When a soul descends into the earthly realm, it becomes a living soul, when it ascends it becomes a quickened soul. Souls vibrate, and it is this vibration that separates them into different realms upon separation from earth.

Each soul can only dwell in the realm where it vibrates in harmony with.  Within a man’s soul is registered all his emotions, thoughts and imaginations, all vices and virtues. When a man suffers on earth, his soul suffers and not the man; remember, he is not a living man, but rather a living soul. All things in nature, including nature itself, follow the universal laws; the soul of man is not exempted. Therefore, a lower vibrating soul on earth, upon death must remain in the same lower vibrating energy and light. Where are the religious. When they say in your holy books ye are like gods, what do you think they mean? Your earthly perishable bodies or your universal eternal soul.

A man’s spirit is different, many say the soul is the spirit, and the spirit the soul. The spirit is the intermediary between the soul and the body. The spirit is the vehicle of the body and soul, it is the active agent that awakens and enlivens the body and the soul. Without the spirit, the body becomes inactive, and the soul cannot dwell within. Like the soul, it is energy and light, this is why it is likened to the soul.

All breath, all emotions, all thoughts and imaginations are product of the spirit, imprinted within a soul. We therefore must be careful what we think about, for all thoughts, imaginations and emotions are registered in the soul. Where are the religious who believe in a book of judgment and a judgment day? Where are all of you who wonder how it is possible for all our actions to be recalled during judgment. Wonder no more, for within your earthly perishable body, is an eternal soul made of light and energy, where all your thoughts, imaginations, actions, and emotions are imprinted, and upon death it is recalled like a book in an eternal light.

If one was to speak to the dead, or to one who has had a severe near-death experience, they will tell you how quickly their life on earth had flashed before their eyes, like a moving picture. To them, there are no more misconceptions of what the body, soul and spirit is or is not. For in truth, death gives us all perspective and wisdom. Must one now die, before attaining wisdom? Nay! find a way to die while living, and upon your lap you shall find all wisdom running over.

Excerpt from The Secret Diary of a Metaphysician by Sebastian Enukorah. Buy the book here

© Sebastian Enukorah..

Quotes & Poems

“A man is known by his dreams.”

My weary eyes to bed I sleep.

So much void and darkness I feared the worse.

Suddenly creeping into my sleepy head,

My thoughts, my contemplation while awake.

Dancing and calling out to me,

Pulling me from one scene to the other.

My dreams, my dreams what stories are you telling this time.

An illusion or reality I fear I may never know.

Sometimes I am conscious, other times I am not.

But when I awake and remember,

That my thoughts invaded my privacy, I am convinced I invited them.

Dear dreamer, what stories are you telling this time,

About another you saw in your dreams.

Hush now, for you tell your own story,

For a man is known always by his dreams.

© Sebastian Enukorah..

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“Being Lonely and Being Alone.”

There is a veiled difference

Between being lonely and being alone.

A lonely soul is a wanderer,

Craving all the time for external stimuli,

Which consumes him and controls his thoughts, emotions and imaginations.

He is a slave as a result and therefore is never contented.

Such a man will always love for the wrong reasons.

But a soul that is alone is a master of his inner and outer life.

Observing, creating and ruling over his thoughts, emotions and imaginations.

For such a man the universe will vibrate, because he loves for the right reasons.

Aye!! he has no invading thoughts,

He therefore, is ALONE.


© Sebastian Enukorah..




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The dust of life & the mirror of the mind

Like a mirror, the mind draws to itself the dust of life.

The reflection in the mirror of your mind, is a reflection on your body, and life.

Nothing can trouble you in life more than your own thoughts.

Nothing can break you and make you more than your own thoughts.

Therefore, let us learn to renew our minds in silence every morning and night.


Quote by Sebastian Enukorah.


“Your Thoughts are Astral beings.”

Many of us engage in our daily activity, thinking while we at it. For some it has become a way of life to think all the time. Some believe its human, its a way of life for them.
While thinking may be part of human nature, we must try to separate the subtle thought from the coarse thought. There is a fine line between the right kind of thought and negative thought, while the negative thought creates imbalance in the body, the positive thought awakens the body and gives it the needed vitality.

You don’t need any scientist or a great philosopher to enlighten you on this.Take a good look at yourself, how do you feel when you are disturbed about something? How do you feel when your thoughts are centered on elevating someone’s life. You can tell without doubt the impact of the two within your body.

Everything is all about energy, said the great Albert Einstein.  When he said this, he did not exempt the power of thought.

When we think about something for too long, we create a thought form, which is a concentrated force of thought. This thought form, being just an ordinary energy before, now becomes an awakened energy, having its own intelligence and power. It then seeks to fasten on the man who gave it life, feeding on his vital energy and reducing him to a puppet while the thought assumes the role of the master. This is usually the case, when a man finds it difficult to stop his thoughts from overwhelming him. How then can you call this type of thought man’s natural way of life?

When a baby is ushered into this life, was the baby overwhelmed by thought? When did the overwhelming take over? Did it not take over when our focus turned more outwards, towards materiality?

When a man sleeps at night, his thoughts during the day begin to play out in his dreams, sometimes it may not be today’s thought, it could be thoughts long forgotten which has been registered in the mental world. Such a man is left to the mercy of his thought in his dream, and no inspiration outside of himself can penetrate his dream world. His thoughts become the veil, preventing the fountain of insights and inspiration from the universe from overwhelming him. How can such a man be a SEER?

If only you can see your thoughts, how ugly do you think yours would be? At the end a man is not really his body, a man is his thought, emotion and imaginations all registered in the universal light and mind. For in truth the body perishes, but the ugly being within him which he has created remains animated in the astral world.

“They say from earth we come and to earth we return, what blatant lie is this! From light we come and to light we shall return”.

What astral being do you have buried inside of you?

Excerpt from the Secret Diary of a Metaphysician by Sebastian Enukorah.  Buy the book here