“Silent whispers from the universe”

There are many who can take the pain to count the stars, but there are very few who try to listen to the silent whispers from the universe, because they are too busy with their daily lives that they forget to listen. When man is engrossed with thoughts about life, his mental plane become preoccupied with unrefined thoughts. Thereby blocking any possibility of an external influence penetrating the man and giving him a fresh wave of inspiration.  Such a man when he has retired at night, will replicate his waking busy life in his dream. Continue reading ““Silent whispers from the universe””

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The Wonders of the Mind.

The operation of Mind,

Is a manifestation of some supreme form of energy,

Far higher than the forms of energy,

known to man as electricity, magnetism, light, heat, gravitation.

The wonders of the universe is also the wonder of the human mind.

Find the light and energy in your mind,

Then you shall find all the wonders you may ever desire.

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The science of breathing; a natural medication..

A natural remedy, a natural drug, free for all, free forever.

In and out, slowly but deeply, like a drug I take you daily.

When I consciously embrace you, a potent power in me is awakened,

My nerves dance a dance of fire,

You animate all the characters that play a role in my inner life.

My bones, my flesh, organs and blood awaken from their endless slumber,

Never to sleep no more.

Alas! Alas! I am alive once more, never to die again.


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What enlightenment is not

To be enlightened is not to sit in meditation.

To be enlightened is not to read all spiritual books and text.

To be enlightened is not to have a flash of mystical experience.

It is not to sit all day in a strange posture.

Enlightenment is not to assume the role of a teacher.

It is not written on the forehead, neither does it radiate from the eyes.

When you can see regardless if your eyes are opened or closed,

Then you are among the few enlightened beings walking on earth.

For he who is truly enlightened does not say; I am enlightened!